Will Smith’s son, Jaden, sought for 'Boy Nobody' film adaptation

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It seems that Will Smith may not be the only star in the Smith family who is sought after by movie producers to headline an action series, as his son Jaden has now become a hit.

Jaden Smith got his movie debut with his father in The Pursuit of Happyness. He starred along with his father in that film. He proved that he was capable of holding his own on screen with his larger-than-life father. He then wowed audiences just a few years ago with his remake of The Karate Kid, garnering praise even from the most diehard fans of the original film. Now, he is being sought as the lead in a series based on a popular Young Adult novel.

According to Hollywood sources, movie producers are looking toward Smith to star in an adaptation of Boy Nobody. The film sounds like it could be the start of another action series based on a YA novel series, similar to Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games. So far, however, there is no word from the Smith camp if young Jaden is going to star in the adaptation or not.

The film is based on a series of novels written by Allen Zadoff. It is about a teenage boy who has been brainwashed and raised to be a master assassin. Smith’s character would be that of a boy soldier who has been raised to know only violence and how to kill at a moment’s notice. The young man in the novel has been trained to act without fear or emotion to any situation and to kill without mercy or hesitation.

Many are already drawing comparisons between this movie and the popular Jason Bourne films starring Matt Damon. Another film that came out just last year, Hanna, had a female teenage star that had grown up in similar circumstances.

The movie rights to the book series are being negotiated by Sony Pictures and Overbrook Entertainment. The movie studios have said that they are going to pitch the idea of Jaden Smith starring the role once he finishes his current project. Smith is currently filming the M. Night Shyamalan film After Earth which also stars his father.

The action-star celebrity status is not new to the Smith family. His father, Will Smith, starred in a number of summertime blockbuster movies during the 1990s. It seemed, for a time, that every summer another action blockbuster would be coming out starring smith. He starred in Independence Day and then the first Men in Black. Men in Black then spawned a sequel and a third installment is due out this summer of 2012.

Photo of Jaden Smith courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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