5 Ways to Romance Your Valentine When Work Gets in the Way

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It would be nice if we could all start our Valentine's Day with a big, scrumptious, breakfast in bed, but with the day of romance falling on a weekday, a few more practical ideas to keep romance going from breakfast to dinner might be more in line with those of us out in the working world.

French toast; fluffy pancakes; Belgian waffles; frittatas; quiche; what would be better than spending a morning in bed with your love on Valentine’s Day, not a care in the world other than the two of you and a fantastic breakfast spread in front of you?

There are all kinds of ideas out there for having a romantic Valentine’s Day, many of them starting with a glorious, lounging, sensuous breakfast. However, is that really practical for most of us, especially when the infamous day of love falls not on a weekend but on a Thursday? Here are some practical ways to get your better half into the mood throughout the day, and hopefully ready to enjoy that glorious, lounging, sensual time together when the workday is complete.

  1. Breakfast: Just because there is not time for a ranging assortment of tropical fruits, French croissants and exotic jams, that does not mean that there is not time to make breakfast romantic. Does your guy prefer his cereal in the morning? Turn his milk a Valentine’s Day pink with a drop of red food coloring or, better yet, let him watch it turn pink himself: Put a drop of red food coloring on the bottom of his cereal bowl, and pour his cereal on top of it. When he adds the milk, it will turn a lovely pink seemingly on its own. Add a side of sensuous strawberries to your lady’s morning oatmeal. Slice the strawberries in half, top to tip—ever noticed how they kinda resemble hearts when you do that?—and drizzle with a little honey. And, after toasting your bread, cut it into a heart shape with a cookie cutter, and spread on some raspberry jam. Plus, nothing says “Valentine’s Day” more than setting the table with red-and-pink everything: A check with your local retailer will no doubt reveal many options for perfectly lovely and disposable plates, bowls, cups, flatware—everything you need to set the mood when you set the weekday breakfast table.
  2. Morning Go-Time: Mornings can be hectic, with the two of you clamoring around, getting ready. But, how about a simple, “I love you” written on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or taped to the mirror with cutout hearts? And, have you ever tried this trick: If you have the typical foggy mirror in your bathroom following a shower, “write” a Valentine’s Day message on the mirror with your finger before your love steps in to begin the day’s grooming. The oils on your finger should cause your message to be revealed when the mirror fogs. Plus, an extra cup of morning coffee awaiting him/her in a cute Valentine's Day mug after that shower will no doubt be much appreciated. Try a flavored blend, preferably a sensuous variety, such as chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon.
  3. Hijack the Radio: Make a mix of your favorite “in the mood” songs and other tunes that are significant to you both as a couple. Pop them in the CD player of his/her vehicle the night before, and they will be treated to an unexpected serenade on their way to work. And, if you can offer a cup of to-go-joe in a sexy Valentine's Day travel mug as they head out for the ride, all the better.
  4. Lunchtime Reminder: Does your sweetheart pack a lunch for work? Sneak in an “I love you,” “KISS!” or “Until Tonight!” note by writing your message on one of those Valentine’s napkins you bought for the breakfast table, and add a sweet treat—a handful of chocolate Kisses are great, but whatever is his/her favorite is the best. And, if you know that your love enjoys a nice cup of coffee from the local java shop, or an occasional smoothie from the corner juice bar, remember to get a gift card to add to his/her lunch for the special day. When they go for their afternoon recharge, they will feel that fuzzy warm glow you get when you are reminded that someone not only knows who you are, but cares, as well. Additionally, if your valentine is not the brown-bag-it type, leave a sweet card on the seat of that car when you are popping in that CD, with an enclosed gift card to his/her favorite lunchtime hangout and a message, “Thinking of you and tonight.”
  5. Winding Down the Day: Buy some sidewalk chalk. Draw a big heart in the driveway, and write your initials in the heart, old-school style, AA + BB. If you really want to ambush him/her with love, make “I love you!” and other signs for you lawn for him/her (and the neighbors!) to see when your sweetheart rolls into the driveway, and put a Valentine’s Day sign above the door. You can even leave a little token of affection—a stuffed animal, a box of candy, or some homemade Valentine's Day cookies or fudge—at the door for them as they come inside for an added incentive.

Enjoy a Wonderful Evening Together

By this time, you and your love should both be ready for that sensual evening of love you have both been looking forward to all day long; time to forget the “real world” and enjoy your time together. What is more special than that? But, when you prepare your special Valentine’s Day meal to close out the evening, be sure to keep in mind these eight common--and delicious--aphrodisiacs. After all, having made it through breakfast and lunch, you don’t want to drop the ball at the dinner table, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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