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American Chopper: Can Teutul wives help Senior, Junior take next step?

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Paul Sr. and Paulie are speeding along on their father-son project, but what happens when the bike is ready to ride?

On the Discovery Channel's American Chopper, Paul Sr. and Junior are moving along swimmingly with their old-school bike-build, and their relationship is undoubtedly growing by leaps and bounds. But, as the end of the build nears, the question has to be going through both of their minds: What is the next step?

Neither of the Teutul wives—Senior’s wife, Beth, and Junior’s wife, Rachael—get heavily involved in the show, but both have recently suggested, independently, having the other couple for dinner. Senior and Paulie both appeared to like the idea, but both also appeared hesitant, perhaps fearing that such an intimate setting would stir up old opinions, ideas, thoughts, and situations that they remember being painful for them in the past. Neither Paul is aware, at this point, that the other’s wife brought up the idea of having a family dinner, but both seemed both grateful and relieved to have wives who are so supportive and willing to go the extra step to see that things have the best possible chance of succeeding between the two Teutul men. Indeed, both men have a lot to be grateful for, it seems, when it comes to their respective spouses.

Too Soon for Family Get-Togethers?

At the time the dinner idea was brought up by Beth and Rachael, both Senior and Paulie agreed that it was a good idea for the future, but perhaps just a bit too soon to make reality. It is easy to see why both felt that way. After all, it has been a long time since they have just sat down to talk, eat, share some happenings of the day, whatever. Building the bike together has allowed them to have an intermediary of sorts, with a focal point that is neither personal nor controversial. The bike provides a comfort zone for each Teutul, and it doesn’t talk back, doesn’t bring up hot buttons, doesn’t remind them of bad days gone by.

Not, of course, that either Beth or Rachael would get things stirred up between their husbands again intentionally. The wives seem just as tired, if not more so, of all of the fighting and tension. They no doubt like having happy husbands again, who are not coming home angry about a new development or brooding over things that have already occurred. The actual fighting is not going on between the wives, of course, but it has had to have been stressful on both. After all, when someone you love is unhappy, you cannot help but feel that unhappiness yourself, and both of these women appear to really love their men.

So, when Nub gets the painted tins back to the workshop, and Junior and Senior wrap up their first project together in years, what will be the next step? Will they have found the courage to spend some time together away from the bikes? Or, will they find another project to begin together? Whatever it is, no doubt Beth and Rachael will be right there with them, supporting their husbands all the way.

Stay tuned.

American Chopper airs on the Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

Image: Discovery Channel

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