'American Chopper': Could Paul Jr. also be considering leaving 'Senior vs. Junior'?

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The Teutuls just seem to be on different pages no matter what they try; could it be that Paul Jr. has finally had enough?

On the latest episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, Mikey confirmed that he was near 100-percent sure that he would be leaving the show. However, new questions arose about Paul Jr.’s intentions to carry on: Could he be considering leaving the show, as well?

Not surprisingly, after Paulie and Paul Sr. sat down together, sans cameras, and talked about their relationship, or lack thereof, they each walked away with a different point of view on what was discussed. Senior took away the understanding that Junior was not interested in rebuilding a father-son relationship, and that the younger Teutul was looking only for a business relationship between himself and his father. Senior, obviously distressed, began wondering if it was worth going forward to just build a business relationship. This week, however, Paulie seemed surprised that his father would, according to him, misinterpret what he meant in the closed-door meeting.

“Ever since the meeting I had with my father off-camera, I’ve been a little frustrated," Paul Jr. said, "‘cause I’ve heard his reaction to the way that meeting went, at least his version of what transpired, and I’m just totally frustrated with the situation.”

“I’m just sick of the back-and-forth,” Paulie told his wife. “It seemed productive,” he said of the off-camera meeting, “where at least there was a mutual understanding. But, at this stage of the game, I feel like we were in two different rooms.”

Now, he’s ready to just clear the air on-camera, and possibly, from his tone, clear out of Senior vs. Junior.

“Basically all I did was set ground rules,” Junior continued to Rachel. “Somehow, he misunderstood that to being I only want a business relationship. Why would I want a business relationship with him? That’s what I’m coming out of three years ago. I want a personal relationship with him first, and then a business relationship, who knows where that goes?”

“I hate this limbo back and forth, Senior vs. Junior,” he told the camera. “I’m completely over it. I’ve had it up to here,” he said, gesturing above the top of his head. “I really have. I can’t do this back and forth any more.”

Could that signal trouble for the Discovery Channel show?

Paulie is, however, giving it one more shot, planning on going over to OCC for the season finale. The interesting twist of it all, however, is that Senior seems oblivious to his son’s frustrations—Junior did not, after all, indicate that that was why he was calling to set up another meeting—and is looking forward to his son coming over to sit down again, and taking it as a positive sign.

“He’s gonna come over here, which is really cool,” Senior tells his team, following up to the camera with, “I think the best case scenario for me would be to start some type of personal relationship, father-son relationship. I’ll be looking forward to that.”

It seems father-son continue to be in two different worlds. They seem to almost get to that breakthrough moment again and again, but a misunderstanding sends it all awry. Perhaps their best bet is to work on their communication skills, both listening skills and how to actually communicate one’s thoughts into words that translate as they are intended.

Will the season finale find the father and son at even greater odds? Or will they finally achieve that breakthrough that both no doubt ultimately would like to find? And, will Mikey bid American Chopper farewell?

Stay tuned.

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