Is American Chopper heading back to Senior vs. Junior?

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Father and son are jumping in with both feet, deciding to do an OCC-PJD production bike together; can it work, or will it tear them apart once again?

Is bringing the worlds of OCC and PJD together for a commercial bike build a good thing, or could American Chopper be heading back to Senior vs. Junior?

It had to happen sooner or later, the Teutuls deciding to get together and do a commercial bike project. As Junior has acknowledged, it is a risk for their newly developing father-son bond, but one he is willing to take for the sake of potential positives to be gained between them. And, Senior has indicated that he is fine with it, because he is in a different place, now, and it doesn't have to be the way it once was between them. However, is it too soon to be pushing the boundaries of their hard-won relationship that hard?

Too Soon to Combine Crews?

Last week, father and son brought their teams together to let them know that they were working on a venture together. And, although the teams seemed to be glad to see their former workmates as individuals, and everyone is happy for Junior and Senior personally, working together may not be exactly what they are up for as separate teams.

“I think the last time I saw Paulie was the day he got fired and stomped out of here,” Mike said in a camera cameo, “I’m really glad to see them both getting along and actually having a civil conversation.”

Paulie said that now that he has “distance emotionally,” he can be in OCC without having the negative feelings he once had. “There’s a detachment for me there,” he explained.

“Seems like things are going better for them,” Rick, who has always been a cheerleader for both Pauls, said. “It’s good to finally see some kind of connection with them.”

Hopefully, their new business venture will not put that fragile start in jeopardy.

Of course, if OCC and PJD are going to do a production bike, the crews had to know about it. But, that doesn’t mean that they have to like it, particularly the PJD crew. Cody, for one, referred to the gathering at OCC as “going behind enemy lines,” and later added, “I don’t want to work for OCC, I don’t, I’ll put that right out there. … Hopefully we can collaborate on something like a production bike, but I just hope it doesn’t go much further than that.”

Both Senior and Junior seemed hopeful, but the way they were talking over each other as they addressed the crews, it leaves questions right off the bat regarding whether or not they can actually both step back and take the lead on the project as a team. This week, according to the Discovery Channel, more of their take-charge personalities—particularly Senior’s—may be coming through on the project:

Senior and Junior start brainstorming the production bike, but the road is rocky from the start. First, the two bump heads when discussing design workflow. Then, when Junior leaves town, Senior hijacks control of the project.

Can the father and son work together, focusing on winning for the team and not on trumping each other? Or, will their new business venture be the end of their budding father-son bond?

Stay tuned.

American Chopper airs on the Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: Junior still laid-back, Senior still hits ground running when it comes to work styles

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Once an A- Hole, always an A-hole. Senior doesnt get it. Years estranged from his son and once again he is getting pushy. Even off the steroids he still thinks he walks on water. I hope Junior realizes this was a mistake and gets out of this before it becomes a big mess. By the way, the V- TWIN SUPERBIKE that OCC has been building for weeks is not anything groundbreaking or amazing- it is a clone of a BUELL which has been around for years, I know, I own two ! Senior cannot build anything unless he steals the design from someone else.

Submitted by JM (not verified) on
OCC has everything to gain & PJD has everything to lose in this venture. I can't see the logic behind it other than the producers of the TV show attempting to stir the cr@p again. I hope Paul Jr. see's the light & maintains a safe distance. He has done very well by himself & should stay the course. Don't let Sr. drag you down again.

Submitted by J Crivello (not verified) on
I was 100% to see the relationship rekindle, but after watching Senior start acting like dick head again and just his controlling, pushy tactics changes my mind. Senior's Ego is his biggest enemy! I think they should just work on the Father Son relationship only because that's the only thing important right now. Life is way to short and Family is the most important ingredients in a good healthy Life. I hope they realize this and Fuck the Chopper and work it out!!!!! God bless them Both...

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