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American Chopper: Is Junior jealous of Senior's relationship with Jason?

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Fans saw the fragile truce between Senior and Junior crumble last night, just one week before the show's series finale.

Long-running Discovery Channel reality series American Chopper may be leaving viewers on a sour note.

This season, the feuding Teutuls have been trying to pull it all back together, with the Pauls trying to rekindle their broken father-son relationship. It appeared to be working, but the two quickly went from building a bike together in Senior’s garage to working together on a production bike between OCC and PJD. Good idea?

No, not a good idea. In fact, it appears it may have been a very, very bad idea.

People around them—show-absent Mikey Teutul included—expressed happiness that the two were trying to build their personal relationship, but were wary of the jump into business dealings. Some workers, like Vinnie, did not want to revisit Junior’s trip down the OCC memory lane. And, overall, it just made a lot of viewers shake their heads and ask, “Why?”

Last night, the venture took a turn back to where the Teutuls, their employees, friends and fans had hoped it would not, and Junior once again stomped out of OCC in a rage, leaving Senior behind in a fury. Will it be the end of any attempt at reconciliation off-camera? One would hope not. But, it did open up some interesting questions that may or may not be answered in the short time American Chopper has left on the air.

American Chopper: Paper vs. Paperless

First, why would Junior be so absolutely unmovable on the point of putting things on paper? It was not an unreasonable request from Senior. Crews cannot work out of Junior’s head. His “rolling chassis” setup may work for him and his small shop, but is hardly practical when working with another team of builders in another location. But, as is classic Junior, things ultimately had to be his way or the highway—and it appears he chose the latter.

Jealousy Behind Junior's Distaste for Jason?

Also, speaking of putting things on paper, Junior has demonstrated a specific, unrelenting hatred for OCC senior designer Jason Pohl. To be fair to Junior, Jason can act like a complete idiot at times, and it is perfectly understandable how he could seriously get on someone’s nerves. But, perhaps in the case of the Junior-Senior-Jason triangle, there is more there? Senior definitely has an affinity for his senior designer, and there is nothing but admiration for Senior when it comes to Jason; when it comes to work, anyway, Senior appears to prefer Jason’s company to his son’s. So, it’s not unlikely—or unreasonable—that Junior is somewhat jealous of the apparent father-son-type relationship Senior has with Jason—a relationship that appears to work easily and well—and that is adding fuel to the fire of the growing friction between the actual Teutul father-son. It could definitely explain why Junior has been so steadfastly unreasonable about sitting down with the OCC design team and putting something down on paper.

Will Discovery Bring Them Back?

And, of course, the question many fans keep asking: After American Chopper is off the air, will the Discovery Channel find a new vehicle for returning one or both of the Pauls to the small screen? Fans remain fascinated with their favorite Teutul, whether it be Senior or Junior, but the current show is just played out, it’s hard to argue. Discovery made the right call, cancelling the show after a strong 10-year run. But, it was cancelled once, fans know, and was revived as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Could a similar resurrection be awaiting the stars once the current show is put to bed for the last time?

Stay tuned.

The series finale of American Chopper is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel on Monday, December 3, at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: The Pauls shut down business venture to save their relationship on series finale

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by Kate (not verified) on
I usually don't comment on these type of things but after reading that article there is no possible way that you are up to speed on what's going on with amerian chopper. I think junior is far from jealous of anything. Everyone has lost their minds at occ. Between Jason and senior I can't figure out who is crazier!

Yes, I watch every show I write about every week, including American Chopper; thanks for commenting!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree. Jason seems to have an issue with Junior and completely lost his stuff. As for the "team up" it seemed pretty clear from the beginning that PJD was to do the design and OCC was to do the production so what Jason has to do with any of that I don't know. Senior also seems to be far more apologetic when he is 1 on 1 with Junior compared to when he has his "team" around him which is childish behavior in and of itself.

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
Its very obvious Junior does anything he can to stab Jason or anyone at OCC since they did not follow him out when he first left OCC! Junior & even Mikey at times are vindictive little boys who make up things after returning to PJD froim OCC. Like the time Paul went to pick up the widow bike, he came back to PJD with some ridiculous story how they made him walk out a door that took him past someone or something that was unpleasant to him. I dont recall just why he minded but there was no such collective effort on the part of Senior or the OCC guys. But after picking up the widow bike junior lied to his wife & anyone who would listen how he was made to look bad or some nonsense how he had to walk out with the Bike & nothing like that happened, it was all sponteneous & no one planned anything but not if you only listened to Paul JR Junior has a group of blind deaf & dumb followers who swear he is right no matter what he does! Jr is a brat who made up stories about his dad & those who idoloze the kid just wont see the truth of it!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
So what happens now with the build off?

Submitted by JRA (not verified) on
The producers have run out of ways to fabricate conflict between father and son. Just let it die.

Submitted by DR Cobleskill (not verified) on
Paul Jr was explaing how he has designed bikes from the begining. Jason was acting like an idiot. Draw your pictures boy maybe some day you'll get recognized for more than being a joke.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Seniors actions, words, and conduct since the spilt have been the lowest of low. David letterman laid into him like nothing I have ever seen and thank God someone needed 2. Paul Junior hasn't spoken ill of his Father one time not once.He's been nothing but classy. Evryone but Rick and especially Jason at OCC said terrible things about JR. Remember they all said junior couldn't make it. Jim the "Smart Guy" who I thought had some class, stupidly tells senior that there is no way that junior and his crew could do anything like they where capable off doing when they where building the Caddy bike! Hey Jim how that caddy build go for you guys??? My son's crappy Chinese dirt bike looked better .Really you guys have been totally freaking destroyed by Junior over and over and over and over again! The coolest thing about all of this is you guys secretly know the truth. And it twist like a knife in back everyday. Even the second biggest Tool, number one brown nose at OCC, Steve finally said enough to senior saying he can't go out in public without people giving him hell. And to those people I say THANK YOU.


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