American Chopper: Is Junior jealous of Senior's relationship with Jason?

Fans saw the fragile truce between Senior and Junior crumble last night, just one week before the show's series finale.

Long-running Discovery Channel reality series American Chopper may be leaving viewers on a sour note.

This season, the feuding Teutuls have been trying to pull it all back together, with the Pauls trying to rekindle their broken father-son relationship. It appeared to be working, but the two quickly went from building a bike together in Senior’s garage to working together on a production bike between OCC and PJD. Good idea?

No, not a good idea. In fact, it appears it may have been a very, very bad idea.

People around them—show-absent Mikey Teutul included—expressed happiness that the two were trying to build their personal relationship, but were wary of the jump into business dealings. Some workers, like Vinnie, did not want to revisit Junior’s trip down the OCC memory lane. And, overall, it just made a lot of viewers shake their heads and ask, “Why?”

Last night, the venture took a turn back to where the Teutuls, their employees, friends and fans had hoped it would not, and Junior once again stomped out of OCC in a rage, leaving Senior behind in a fury. Will it be the end of any attempt at reconciliation off-camera? One would hope not. But, it did open up some interesting questions that may or may not be answered in the short time American Chopper has left on the air.

American Chopper: Paper vs. Paperless

First, why would Junior be so absolutely unmovable on the point of putting things on paper? It was not an unreasonable request from Senior. Crews cannot work out of Junior’s head. His “rolling chassis” setup may work for him and his small shop, but is hardly practical when working with another team of builders in another location. But, as is classic Junior, things ultimately had to be his way or the highway—and it appears he chose the latter.

Jealousy Behind Junior's Distaste for Jason?

Also, speaking of putting things on paper, Junior has demonstrated a specific, unrelenting hatred for OCC senior designer Jason Pohl. To be fair to Junior, Jason can act like a complete idiot at times, and it is perfectly understandable how he could seriously get on someone’s nerves. But, perhaps in the case of the Junior-Senior-Jason triangle, there is more there? Senior definitely has an affinity for his senior designer, and there is nothing but admiration for Senior when it comes to Jason; when it comes to work, anyway, Senior appears to prefer Jason’s company to his son’s. So, it’s not unlikely—or unreasonable—that Junior is somewhat jealous of the apparent father-son-type relationship Senior has with Jason—a relationship that appears to work easily and well—and that is adding fuel to the fire of the growing friction between the actual Teutul father-son. It could definitely explain why Junior has been so steadfastly unreasonable about sitting down with the OCC design team and putting something down on paper.

Will Discovery Bring Them Back?

And, of course, the question many fans keep asking: After American Chopper is off the air, will the Discovery Channel find a new vehicle for returning one or both of the Pauls to the small screen? Fans remain fascinated with their favorite Teutul, whether it be Senior or Junior, but the current show is just played out, it’s hard to argue. Discovery made the right call, cancelling the show after a strong 10-year run. But, it was cancelled once, fans know, and was revived as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Could a similar resurrection be awaiting the stars once the current show is put to bed for the last time?

Stay tuned.

The series finale of American Chopper is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel on Monday, December 3, at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: The Pauls shut down business venture to save their relationship on series finale

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Submitted by Kate (not verified) on
I usually don't comment on these type of things but after reading that article there is no possible way that you are up to speed on what's going on with amerian chopper. I think junior is far from jealous of anything. Everyone has lost their minds at occ. Between Jason and senior I can't figure out who is crazier!

Yes, I watch every show I write about every week, including American Chopper; thanks for commenting!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree. Jason seems to have an issue with Junior and completely lost his stuff. As for the "team up" it seemed pretty clear from the beginning that PJD was to do the design and OCC was to do the production so what Jason has to do with any of that I don't know. Senior also seems to be far more apologetic when he is 1 on 1 with Junior compared to when he has his "team" around him which is childish behavior in and of itself.

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
Its very obvious Junior does anything he can to stab Jason or anyone at OCC since they did not follow him out when he first left OCC! Junior & even Mikey at times are vindictive little boys who make up things after returning to PJD froim OCC. Like the time Paul went to pick up the widow bike, he came back to PJD with some ridiculous story how they made him walk out a door that took him past someone or something that was unpleasant to him. I dont recall just why he minded but there was no such collective effort on the part of Senior or the OCC guys. But after picking up the widow bike junior lied to his wife & anyone who would listen how he was made to look bad or some nonsense how he had to walk out with the Bike & nothing like that happened, it was all sponteneous & no one planned anything but not if you only listened to Paul JR Junior has a group of blind deaf & dumb followers who swear he is right no matter what he does! Jr is a brat who made up stories about his dad & those who idoloze the kid just wont see the truth of it!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
So what happens now with the build off?

Submitted by JRA (not verified) on
The producers have run out of ways to fabricate conflict between father and son. Just let it die.

Submitted by DR Cobleskill (not verified) on
Paul Jr was explaing how he has designed bikes from the begining. Jason was acting like an idiot. Draw your pictures boy maybe some day you'll get recognized for more than being a joke.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Seniors actions, words, and conduct since the spilt have been the lowest of low. David letterman laid into him like nothing I have ever seen and thank God someone needed 2. Paul Junior hasn't spoken ill of his Father one time not once.He's been nothing but classy. Evryone but Rick and especially Jason at OCC said terrible things about JR. Remember they all said junior couldn't make it. Jim the "Smart Guy" who I thought had some class, stupidly tells senior that there is no way that junior and his crew could do anything like they where capable off doing when they where building the Caddy bike! Hey Jim how that caddy build go for you guys??? My son's crappy Chinese dirt bike looked better .Really you guys have been totally freaking destroyed by Junior over and over and over and over again! The coolest thing about all of this is you guys secretly know the truth. And it twist like a knife in back everyday. Even the second biggest Tool, number one brown nose at OCC, Steve finally said enough to senior saying he can't go out in public without people giving him hell. And to those people I say THANK YOU.

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
You just have to look at re runs to see the truth who had a nasty mouth about the other. Senior just kept looking to settle the dispute & little paul kept telling lies that senior did this & that. By the way did you know each was supposed to get one of the caddies to build the Bikes, BUT PAUL KEPT THEM BOTH WITHOUT ASKING SENIOR IF HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET ONE? JUNIOR IS A NASTY LITTLE BOY!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Paul Jr. showed a lot of restraint when dealing with Jason Pohl's ridiculous argument that Jr. was disrespecting his position at OCC as a designer. JR.'s point he was making had nothing to do with Pohl's capabilities at OCC. Pohl is just trying to prove he can be a serious tough guy after repeatedly coming off as an idiot on every show he is on. Pohl should be a silent part of the show. Paul Jr. is the reason I still watch the show. He is articulate and all around descent guy. He is heading into dangerous territory if he continues to pursue this business opportunity with Sr.. Paul Sr. is still the same guy as before. He learned nothing from the last 4 yrs. away from his sons. He continues to bash Jr., Jr.'s business, and Jr.'s employees. He wants to solely direct everything he is involved in. All his employees are yes men. They all agree with him no matter how wrong he is, or how ridiculous he sounds. I wish Paul Jr. had his own series because that is the only interesting part of American Choppers.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree Jason Tool is nothing but a tool. Apart from being a total childish ass,his designs totally SUCK, and I think he knows it as well. Tool Is lucky that Sr, head is all FCKD up and cant see how bad his designs are, As for Sr, man that dude is so fake I change the channel as soon as their segment comes up in the show. Even his employees look like there being forced to do what stupid things they do. Jr crews bikes totally blow away American Chopper's and I bet hell havee a show on his own, Sr. couldn't survive with Jr part in the show.

Submitted by Tubeman (not verified) on
From the first episode Jr. has always designed his bikes as he built them. Sr. always wanted some plan in place before construction began. Either because he doesn't have the ability or is just lazy Jr. cannot draw functioning sketches to hand off to a team. Jason is a very good artist and can draw well. However, when you compare his designs with Jr.'s Jr's designs are better. OCC was a better company when Jr. was involved with it. Jr.'s designs have evolved and become more sophisticated over the years and his design sens, especially the way he handles color, is much more sophisticated then Jason's. I found it most telling last season when they were designing competing Cadillac bikes that Jason was trying to see what Jr.'s design looked like. So, when the original idea came up to design a production bike, the deal was Jr. would design it and OCC would manufacture it. Which in my mind was a very good idea. Then over the past few months Sr. started to undermine the central proposition by incorporating OCC staff in the design process. What should have been done was that Jr. should have designed the bike presented it OCC for review. Any problems or issues should have been brought up at that time and Jr. could have incorporated any changes that were needed for production. Sr. has undermined the whole deal by putting OCC staff into the design process. So when you consider the whole history you can see why Jr. got upset and left. Actually, the way the argument took place shows a level of maturity between the two of them. In the past they would have destroyed an office or thrown a chair at something. So when Jr. just walked away it showed that he had gain some modicum of self control. The big question in my mind is why did Sr. first propose a deal and then back away from it. You can do a lot of analysis on this but the bottom line seems to be that Sr. has to be the top dog. He is unable to change his nature even though he admits to himself that his son is a better designer than his staff. Sr.'s techniques have become more business like and they may not throw things at each other, I do miss that a little I must admit, however, the results are the same it is my way or the highway. So, to conclude the series it has been a journey for both the Teutuls . The father has built a rather successful business, become famous and has become a rather polished spokes person, but has still retained his core philosophy of being top dog the price be damned. The son has learned that he can be successful outside of his fathers control and has shown that he has grown in maturity over the past ten years. He still wants to work with his father but not as a paid underling but as an equal. I believe right now that Jr. is starting to believe that the old top dog cannot learn that new trick of cooperation based on mural respect and admiration. I do have to admit it has been very entertaining watching this particular journey. And I firmly believe that this story is not over yet. I can imagine another cable channel picking this up, or a series of 2 hour specials during the coming years. This story is epic and to have it end now without a firm resolution is just plain wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
All the fabricators I know don't use drawings and it has nothing to do with laziness or ability. And especially someone who can't build doing the drawings is very counterproductive. Ask any construction worker.

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
Blue prints or design concepts are used as a general guide to build everything from the largest to smallest buildings and even cars & trucks are designed on paper first. Only one man shops or artists working alone dont need a drawing! Refusing to draw the concept with Jason just means the little boy has no idea what its going to look like, he is a phony designer & Jason knows Paulie is a big fraud! A professional uses a conceptual drawing to give those who work with him an idea what he intends the project to look like in the end! ANYONE NOT USING BLUE PRINTS OR CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS HAS NO IDEA what he has in mind or he is unable to draw it! That is only how selfish arrogant people work!

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
Nothing is built today without blue prints or drawings to scale to be used by the many different workers on a build site to do their different jobs! Ask any construction worker if he would build with out blue prints to guide his work! Its just silly little boy talk to say no drawings are used to build!

Submitted by mpants (not verified) on
You are comparing apples and oranges. We are not discussing the contstruction of a high-rise office building involving teams of unrelated workers from various companies. We are discussing the building of a bike. PJD builds them one at a time. He prefers to design on the lift with actual parts (making modifications as needed). His design method is perfectly acceptable in a shop of his size. It's obviously working since his product is superior as evidenced by the biker build-off and common sense. :)

Submitted by RH in NC (not verified) on
I really couldn't agree with you more. I would hope that the show would morph into just Jr. designing new creations. It's been fun watching his creations "come to life" as he allows those around him to share their professional beliefs; note the painter. Jr said he would rather just give a piece to Nubb and tell him to bring him back a masterpiece. He doesn't do this all the time, but it does happen. To respond to those thinking you can build your way out of a wet paper bag without a drawing I have to agree - to a point. When you are mass producing the results of Jr's creative process then yes, you can do this best from a drawing. But, when creating that first of a kind I can easily see why Jr's so put off that it needs paper to proceed. Would you have a painter provide you a blueprint of something he's creating? NO. He's going to create what he sees as he's building it. Then you can produce reprints and copies, but not during the creative process! Bring back Jr's Designs !!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Jason Pohl acts like an annoying retard; a child. That is probably why Jr and others (like the guys at OC) can not stand to be near him. Is he talented? Yes, but Jr has a gift which Jason can not match.

Submitted by sjensen (not verified) on
Jason, should of kept two cents out of the equation. He is a Bafoon and enjoys being the center of attention, to Senior so much, he is willing to do what ever it takes to come between Junior and Senior. I do not agree with this article at all. Junior is in no way jealous, of Jason, he is disheartened that his father, would, as always, choose to throw Junior under the bus yet again, then take the high road, and treat him as an adult, and how he would handle any other business venture, and that would be with RESPECT, which he time and time again, refuses to to show, his own son. Making matter worse, he was in glee, to stand behind Jason, who so gleefully, and willingly, made sure he spoke on Seniors behalf, being the bullies that they have come so accustomed to being. It was disgusting, predictable, but very sad. Good job Jason, once again, you managed without any effort to make a total arse of yourself!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Look Sr built everything you see including Jr. Jr. Has gotten rich off what his dad started and has a huge head. Without the show Jr would've been begging his dad for a job. The guy isn't a designer like Jason , I mean cone in look at the bikes he "builds ". A real company can't work with one guy saying lets make stiff up as we go????

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You are an idiot. All of OCC's designs have looked the same since Jr left. They just slap together parts.Have Sr. make a bike on his own with no help and Jr. do the same and see who builds a better bike moron. Sr. can't do anything in that shop without someone jolding his hand. About Pohl, Jr. isn't jealous of that hack. All pohl , the village idiot, knows how to do is draw. I know a 13 year old that can do that. By the way, Jesse James doesn't use drawings either, like most fabrocators.

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
OCC is not a one man shop, its a well oiled machine that will function & finish building a bike if anyone of the team is missing or gone, or even dies!. Paulies shop is worthless without him there since he carries his ideas in his head! If the team of builders have no idea what the bike should look like when finished only the guy building it can finish it. I realise these are grown up conclusions that they dont teach in 6th grade but Paulie & his groupies have to finish school & GROW UP at some point in life & understand how business works! If Junior cant draw or describe to Jason what he intends the bike to look like when finished

Submitted by Al Walker (not verified) on
OCC is not a one man shop, its a well oiled machine that will function & finish building a bike if anyone of the team is missing or gone, or even dies!. Paulies shop is worthless without him there since he carries his ideas in his head! If the team of builders have no idea what the bike should look like when finished only the guy building it can finish it. I realise these are grown up conclusions that they dont teach in 6th grade but Paulie & his groupies have to finish school & GROW UP at some point in life & understand how business works! If Junior cant draw or describe to Jason what he intends the bike to look like when finished

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Al Walker doesn't know anything about building bikes so he needs to keep his mouth shut! And go hug and kiss Jason Tool. Jason can't even touch Jrs designs.

Submitted by sjensen (not verified) on
Senior refused to respect Junior, and use who ever he can as a tool to asisit him, his continued bullying of his son. It is sad, but it will never change. The most healthy thing Junior can do it stay away from him. Jason on the other hand, is an immature, arrogant, brat, who is jealous of Junior, and enjoys keeping the sick games going!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hate to see the show go off the air. As a lifelong motorcyclist I love bike shows period. I wouldn't ride one of their production bikes today but I've enjoyed seeing the project bikes built. My college age son had their t shirts and toy bikes back in the glory days when the show first aired. I wish the show had just gone back to stories about the family and bikes, trips all over the world, to customers' facilities etc. The endless conflict between jr and senior dominated the show currently and went on way beyond the point of interest. I kept hoping the thrust of the show would return to the (admitedly contentious) building of bikes.

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