'American Chopper': Mikey is on his way out, but what will he do?

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Will Mikey leaving the show affect his relationship with Paul Jr.?

Will Mikey really leave American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior? And, if he does, will the show be affected?

When Mikey sat down and talked with big brother Paul Jr. about his potential plans, he appeared to have put a lot of thought into the idea of leaving the popular Discovery Channel show, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. But, although he did say that it was “time to move on,” he did not indicated just what “moving on” would entail. Still, Paulie did say that he and his wife would support him in whatever he ultimately decided.

“You know, when he comes to me, of course I have concerns like an older brother, but I want to have advice like a friend,” Paul Jr. told the camera. “I can have my own opinion,” Paul Jr. said, “but it’s kind of irrelevant. He’s making decisions because it’s what’s best for him, and I’m just gonna support him in that.”

One of Mikey’s main reasons for considering leaving the show is that he feels it will increase his chance of having a good relationship with his father, Paul Sr. No doubt, that idea has some validity. It has to be difficult to carry on a relationship in the public eye, with everyone questioning every move one makes. After all, let's face it: Who watches the show for the bikes? And, as trust seems to be a major issue between the Teutuls, taking the relationship off-camera may be just the thing Mikey and Paul Sr. need to start rebuilding that father-son bond.

Whatever he ultimately decides, one has to wonder how it will affect the relationship between Mikey and Paul Jr. At this point, Mikey doesn’t see his father, so the fact that there are cameras everywhere at the OCC shop doesn’t really matter. However, Mikey seems to spend a great portion of his time roaming around the PJD shop, which is covered with cameras. Of course, producers can edit him out to a point, but will he ultimately be encouraged to stay away from the shop, if he is not going to participate in the show? And, if so, will his relationship with Paul Jr., Vinnie and his other friends at PJD be affected negatively?

“It definitely will leave a little bit of a void,” Mikey said. “I’ve gotten a lot of relationships out of this whole situation over the past 10 years, and I’m going to miss everybody dearly,” he admitted, sounding as if the decision is already made in his mind.

American Chopper Does Not Matter, Junior Says

But, Paulie held firm that the show is not a significant factor between the two of them.

“Whether this show is a part of his life or not is irrelevant,” Paul Jr. said. “We’re gonna be brothers.”

Of course, viewers will want to know, just what will Mikey do if he is not on the show? Does Mikey even know? Paul Jr. did not force the point when they were discussing his possible plans, but it is a legitimate question. Whether the show is there or not, Paul Sr. and Jr. have businesses to run; what exactly does/will Mikey do?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Could Paul Jr. also be considering leaving 'Senior vs. Junior?'

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let the leech go! what contribution will be lost if fatso drunko leaves? you tell me. he is receiving more negative feedback on ebay for his junk artwork copies that he sells on there, most complaints are that he does not deliver what he promises, isn't that a shocker! i for one am tired of seeing his weight challenges, beard shavings and rehab reports. what i would like mikey to reveal is his coming out announcement of the boytoy he hangs with for the past 2 seasons!

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This has been going on long enough. Who really cares where he goes, and he should take Paul with him.

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