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American Chopper: PJD begins QUBX build, OCC unveils Wildgame Innovations bike

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Things are looking good for the father-son relationship on the Discovery Channel's American Chopper, but they do manage to continue building a bike or two along the way.

American Chopper on Discovery Channel is seeing the Teutuls go full-force forward in rebuilding their father-son relationship.

Will it continue?

So far, it is looking really good for the two Pauls, Senior and Junior. Both appear to be all-in, as far as making a true effort to get things right between them. Paul Sr. is doing a good job, putting any leftover anger and professional competitive jealousies behind him, and Paul Jr. is doing a good job, as well, putting aside past hurts and not continually digging up the past.

And, of course, the two professionals continue to build a bike here and there along the way.

Loopster Trike Junior's Latest "Favorite"

Tonight, on "Uncharted Territory," Paul Jr. Designs begins a new build, this time for technology company QUBX. Orange County Choppers, meanwhile, is unveiling a new bike build for Wildgame Innovations. Most recently, PJD unveiled their five-wheel “trike” for Loopster.

The Loopster was one of the wilder-looking rides PJD has built, but Paul Jr. and team seemed more than pleased with the results. Vinnie explained that, although Nub was not going to get the paint job back as quickly as they would like, they could go ahead and check out the trike for any running problems, since it had a barrel gas tank and did not need a regular gas tank to run.

“Once this thing fired up, it sounded amazing,” Junior said. “The exhaust sounds cool. I think I’ve said this the past three bikes but, unquestionably, this is my favorite exhaust.” With high-fives and congratulations all around, Junior continued. “Wait until the tank hovers over it. The trike looks ridiculous right now,” alluding to the fact that they had not received everything from Nub, “but when we put these tins over top, with this flame job on this satin-finished black, this thing is really going to be a unique custom vehicle.”

“Just sittin’ on it makes me want to ride it,” Vinnie said, as Junior fretted that he was going to puncture the gas tank.

American Chopper airs on the Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATE: Can Beth and Rachael help move the Teutul father-son relationship along?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/American Chopper

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