'American Chopper': Senior tries to break ice with Mikey

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Following his mother's death, Paul Sr. decides that life is too short, and is determined to break the ice with his sons, starting with Mikey.

After a tense episode and a lot of hurt feelings, the Teutul boys discussed their relationship with their grandmother on the 811 bike aftershow. There was a lot of controversy throughout the show about whether or not the boys actually attended the funeral, and why they did not reach out to their father. But, the aftershow discussion was strictly about their Grandmother Helen.

Mikey shared his memories:

“I remember in the late 80s going to her house and hanging out in the living room. I remember all of the adults smoking cigarettes, it was a time when adults smoked inside, and we would watch Bill Cosby … over and over, and over and over, on VHS.”

Junior also related his love for his grandmother:

“I was trying to think earlier today about that … I had gone there years ago when I was younger,” Junior remembered, “and stayed for a weekend with my grandfather and Helen and did some yard work and stuff, and just hung out with my grandparents. … It was kind of a cool thing, because I didn’t do that a lot. … I do remember now, watching Bill Cosby like a million times. … She was just a great woman, just a great person. I think there are a lot of things we are going to miss about her. She was just a funny, very forward, spoke her mind, caring woman, and I think she’ll be missed by all of us.”

Junior said she enjoyed the show, as well, including getting to meet some of the Yankees—her favorite baseball team. “She loved to eat and she loved the Yankees,” Junior said.

Senior, on the other hand, has been motivated to make another attempt at fixing his relationship with his sons.

“After seeing Mikey and Junior at the build-off, and my mom passing, I decided that life is too short, and I gotta fix my relationship with my sons.” In an effort to create a bridge, Senior decides this week to call Mikey about giving painting lessons to some wounded veterans who will be visiting OCC.

“I thought that it would be a good idea to call Mikey, give him the opportunity, possibly in a situation like this, not really being about me, being about the soldiers, he might take an interest and come," Senior relates. "I know that one of Mikey’s concerns is about being alone with me," he adds. "Well, this way, they’ll be a bunch of guys around, so maybe he’ll be okay with that and show up. I really do miss him.”

Will Mikey take the opportunity to break the ice with his dad, as well as do some good work with some of America’s wounded vets?

Stay tuned.

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Video: Discovery Channel, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior

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