'American Chopper': Teutuls back with new season Feb. 13 (VIDEO)

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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior is coming back to the Discovery Channel with a roar, as Junior discusses his win over Jesse James, and Senior does some filming with The Donald on Celebrity Apprentice.

As the new season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior begins, the winner of the Las Vegas Build-Off, Paul Teutul Jr., discusses Jesse James, calling him arrogant and implying that he was just trying to get back onto television with his attitude in the build-off.

“As far as Jesse goes, confident and arrogant obviously came off that way. That’s not the underlying feeling. When you’ve gotta talk a lot, it’s not really confidence. So, I think that, in the end, maybe there’s some relief that comes in the fact that, okay, it’s over with. ‘Cause, I don’t care who you are or what you say, in that set of circumstances, there’s a certain level of intensity that comes with that live unveil and the build-up to it. And, you know, he’s got his own motivation, he’s trying to come back into a certain situation. Everybody’s got their own level in of motivation, so, in the end, maybe, okay, it’s over, and there’s almost a relief in it.”

The real-time aspect was way different, Junior explains in the video clip below, than filming a regular American Chopper episode.

“See, I think what a lot of people don’t understand, that live aspect of things is different. When we do our show, we’re just here every day and we film it and they edit it and then that’s what you get a few months later. That being in real-time when you walk out there, you know it’s in real-time. That adds a whole different dimension of pressure.”

Overall, however, he thought the build-off went well.

“I thought it was a good show.”

Senior, meanwhile, has been busy filming Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Paul Teutul Sr. seems like he will be a good fit with The Donald and his show. After all, as many people tend to forget, he is an entrepreneur. He began with little-to-nothing, and worked his way up, creating more than one business and landing in a successful television franchise. So, although he was a distant third in the lauded bike build-off, he seems like the right Teutul for Celebrity Apprentice. Plus, whether you like him or not, Senior is just plain interesting, and that’s always good for a television cast, particularly a reality cast like Celebrity Apprentice which, after all, rises and falls based on the personalities involved, not on the tasks they are assigned.

As is the norm, each contestant will play for a charity this season. Senior will continue his association with and support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which provides grants to make the wishes of terminally ill children come true.

Oh, and can anyone say, "TrumpCycle?"

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior will start up once again on Monday, Feb. 13, on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.

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Video: Discovery Channel, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior


Submitted by CEDUP (not verified) on
All three of them are tools! Sr and Jr. And James. How those two loonies can sell the junk they make for the price they ask is amazing! The stuff is all kludged together, they drill out stuff that has already been painted, so ya get corrosion, the wiring is crap, with not even a harness made, all loose wires running inside the frame, how the stuff is able to be registered, or is it even allowed to be used on the road? The stuff is junk. And they managed to make a tv show out of nudnicks pretending to be mfgs of motorcycles. Every one is done differently, with non standard stuff, what happens when ya need parts? The guy already went BS, and out of business, so he now has no reason to service is previous junk? buy a HD a real bike. Made by a real company. Not tools pretending.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Can't wait till chopper comes back on air, I'm the oldest fan, I'm sure, a 63 year old woman, I love the show and Paul Jr, Mike, Rachael, Vinny can't wait till it airs. The bikes are beautiful!!!! Paul Jr, by far has the best bikes, he is very good at what he does. If you don't have something good to say, don't say it. If you don't like the show don't watch it!

Submitted by CEDUP (not verified) on
I don't.. Horrible stuff.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The best thing that happened was you and your dad's departure,both of you need to move on and get some sort of a family relationship. I was proud of Vinnie for responding to the death of grandma, but for Junior/Rachael/and mikey, not much of morals and when you did when the dog died, I lost alot of respect for you. You may not like this, but if it wasn't for your dad working and started this business, where would you be.? Get over it.

Submitted by bruce (not verified) on
if this show is real, i cant believe that anyone as dense as sr. could make a go of anything. when i watched the show about the bike for u.a.e. and he went to abu dahbi and insulted the entire country by his parading around with his tattoos out for all to see,that was when i was convinced this dope is just plain stupid.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
well said, maybe this is why they never actually got to do business in abu dhabi, because ive not seen an official delaership there on the website.

Submitted by K-Bone (not verified) on
he went there as an American citizen. I don't believe he showed any disrespect by showing off his tattoos. nobody's b**** in because you don't have any tattoos? so don't b**** about his. Rag Head

Submitted by K-Bone (not verified) on
he went there as an American citizen. I don't believe he showed any disrespect by showing off his tattoos. nobody's b**** in because you don't have any tattoos? so don't b**** about his. Rag Head

Submitted by Reno3333 (not verified) on
I for one (of many) very much enjoy watching American Chopper. The Discovery Ch is wise to bring them back. While I'm not a big supporter of Senior, his presence adds to the overall. I have to admit that I have missed them all since their departure and look forward to their return to the airwaves. Yeah, I know they don't build bikes that someone might actually want to ride on a normal basis but imho the show was never about that anyway. Paul Jr does push the envelope with his designs I have no doubt that He, Vinny and the others working with him have helped to shape the future of motorcycles. All my best to the Tuetuls in this new venture and especially to Paul jr and his lovely wife Rachel on their real life marriage. Live long and prosper my friends. Peace out !!! PS. I loved the gears of war trike.

Submitted by CEDUP (not verified) on
They are clueless nutpicks. they have no design property about how a bike will handle, how it rides, how it corners, they hang stuff onto a frame they buy! then they bend some metal, and who knows how well it's finished that it will even last like a real motorcycle from HD or Honda or other real mfgs1! There is no road worthiness aspects, tests, specs of any of their stuff. Everyone is a one off kludge! No design in anything that matters. They hang dumb stuff in dumb places, useless junk, anyone who buys this junk is a nudnick, even any of the company that get their junk.

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