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Amish Mafia: Are Esther, John heading down a dangerous path with Levi?

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Esther is determined to get her family back into power in Lancaster, and she seems to be willing to do almost anything to make it happen.

Viewers may continue to joke about just what the “Amish Mafia” does and who makes up the group, and even wonder if it exists at all—the Amish church says no, Discovery Channel says yes—but one thing is for certain: Amish Mafia has fans, and they are watching.

Viewership records for Amish Mafia on December 19 indicate that the show was the #2 cable show among P/M25-54 and P/M18-49. Lebanon Levi and his gang were behind only Moonshiners, also on the Discovery Channel, which broke series viewership records with 3.65 million viewers. Currently in its second season, this marks the largest viewership Moonshiners has delivered in the history of the series.

Amish Mafia, in fact, finished #3 in all of television on December 19, and beat numerous broadcast television programs among Men 18-49 and 25-54 delivery, including ABC's "Modern Family", "The Neighbors", "The Middle", and "20/20"; CBS' "CSI", "Criminal Minds" and "Home for the Holidays"; and NBC's "Chicago Fire" and the "Miss Universe Pageant".

So, whether or not viewers believe in the existence of an “Amish Mafia” or not, they are watching this Amish Mafia, and watching by the millions.

Esther Playing Levi

Tonight, fans will be tuning in when episode “Fall from Grace” highlights the lengths that one will go to under pressure, and will also showcase Esther’s willingness to exploit her relationship with Levi in order to move her family back up the power ladder in Lancaster. According to the Discovery Channel:

In a desperate attempt to repay his debts to Ohio boss Merlin, John sets up an illegal buggy race in the heart of Levi's territory. Esther lures Levi away and makes a shocking revelation that will alter the balance of power in Lancaster, PA.

Esther has indicated in previous episodes that her brother should be the leader of the Lancaster Amish Mafia, but, because of a series of circumstances—mainly that he was too young when their father passed away—the responsibility and power went to Lebanon Levi. Now, they want that power back, but Levi seems completely unaware—perhaps blinded by his attraction to Esther—that there may be a plot brewing to take over his spot as leader of the Amish Mafia in Lancaster. But, it is a dangerous game Esther and John are playing; after all, Levi is not known as a forgiving man:

Will Esther’s plot get her and her brother back in position to lead the Amish Mafia, or will it just get somebody hurt? And, if it does work, could John actually handle it?

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Esther lures Levi into Florida vacation for two

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia

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