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Amish Mafia season finale promises tension and mistrust

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John is in an unforgiving spot, and Merlin is determined to go to war with Levi if that is what it takes to make Lancaster his own.

As with any organization, inside fighting and behind-the-back deals can create an implosion; even the tightest of relationships can go awry. And, tonight on the Amish Mafia season finale, there is plenty going awry for Lebanon Levi and his gang of enforcers.

John has put himself into a bad spot. He is no longer trusted by the gang of Levi, but he is certainly not in the full graces of Merlin, the Ohio leader who wants to take over as boss in Lancaster, PA. Oh, he is ready and willing to use John to break into the area—and he will use any means necessary to force John to give up his help, including threatening him over unpaid monies due. And, John has to decide what to do. Should he beg Levi’s forgiveness? Or, should he go full-speed-ahead with Merlin and take his chances? Either choice is dangerous if—when—something goes wrong, and sister Esther has likely spent all of her influence with Levi, after she made it clear he has no chance with her.

Will the crews go to war tonight? According to the Discovery Channel:

Levi's crew splinters just as his war with Ohio boss Merlin escalates. Each member of Levi's crew has to decide if they will leave or stand by Levi and fight.

So, who will John ultimately stand with tonight? After all that has happened, will he even have the option of staying with Levi?

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia

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