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Bering Sea Gold season premiere welcomes new faces, familiar friends

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Bering Sea Gold is back tonight with an all-new Season 2 and, as Discovery says, crazy is definitely back in the water.

Fans of Emily, Zeke, and all of the gold-fevered dredgers on Bering Sea Gold will be thrilled when the new season of craziness begins on Discovery Channel tonight, Friday, January 04, with even more danger, conflict and gold.

It is not an easy life for the gold dredgers in the frontier town of Nome, Alaska. But that doesn’t stop the crews of driven and sometimes desperate fortune seekers from hunting gold at the bottom of the Bering Sea. And, this year, as fans saw in last week's sneak peek episode, the stakes are even higher as the dredgers must improve on past failures and find gold to survive. However, dredging certainly is not getting any easier, with a group of government officials hell-bent on putting some order in place via setting new regulations that cause headaches and roadblocks for the entire fleet.

Old Friends, New Faces

Bering Sea Gold Season 2 picks up from last year, following the adventures of four dredging crews as they battle the conditions—and each other—in search of gold. This season includes the crews of:

The Christine Rose: Hotheaded Shawn Pomrenke is on a mission to prove to his father, Steve, that he's grown up. Last season, Shawn failed to prove that he was ready to take over the family business. But has Shawn learned his lesson? With a goal of 1,000 ounces of gold this season, he gets a new chance to step up to the plate and prove that he’s ready to lead. However, after an arrest leaves him behind bars, his father Steve still has his doubts.
The Edge: Nome native Zeke Tenhoff is abandoning his original dredge -- the dysfunctional, slapped-together Clark -- in favor of a bigger, souped-up dredge with a powerful and dangerous suction hose. Joining him is his on-again, off-again love interest Emily Riedel as deckhand and Zeke’s lifelong best friend, John Bunce, an experienced diver and gold dredger. This is their big shot at redemption after last season’s disappointing results.
The Wild Ranger: Owner Vernon Adkison is back and focused on succeeding as a dredger. Unlike last year, where he was more like an absentee landlord, this season he is all in. Vernon has invested his entire life savings: half a million dollars on a small armada including his flagship vessel The Wild Ranger and five other dredges. Despite being fired twice last season, Steve Riedel will return as Vernon’s relief captain and diver. Will Vernon find enough gold to survive? And will Steve remain focused on the job?
The Anchor Management: Last year, Captain Scott Meisterheim was accused of incompetence and being a thief while on board The Wild Ranger. Now he’s back in town to prove that he’s neither. This season, Scott has a dredge all of his own – a slick and shiny rig full of hi-tech equipment all of his choosing. Borrowing $150,000 from some “bad people,” Scott needs to find a mountain of gold to pay off his debts. But will the salty miner be able to handle the pressure? Or will he lash out and hit the bars, making a true recipe for disaster? Hear Scott’s take on the pressure to get gold here:

Ready to see “crazy back in the water?” Tune in tonight when Bering Sea Gold comes back to the Discovery Channel, beginning at 10/9c. And, check back with Huliq tomorrow, for an exclusive interview with Bering Sea Gold dredger Emily Riedel.

And, for those who need to catch up on back episodes? A mini-marathon of Bering Sea Gold favorites begins on Discovery today at 2 p.m.

UPDATED: Huliq interview with Bering Sea Gold cast member Emily Riedel.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Bering Sea Gold

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