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Black Gold: Are Brandon's drilling days on Rig 28 numbered?

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Things are going down the drain fast, for both Brandon and Big Dog Drilling Rig 28.

It’s a new year, and truTVs Black Gold is ready to continue entertaining viewers with a new episode as 2013 begins.

Last week, Brandon made a big mistake, pushing the crew and machinery too hard and too fast, resulting in “twisting off” the pipe. According to the computer, the twist-off occurred 7,500 feet underground—not an easy problem to correct. And, Brandon’s best friend, Cheston, returned to Big Dog Drilling Rig 28 to help his friend, giving up a great job in the process. But, was it all for naught?

The Big Dog Brass is not happy with Brandon. Rig 28 is struggling to stay on schedule for various reasons, the twist-off being only the latest in a variety of setbacks, and Brandon is at the center of it all. Yes, he is a talented driller, but as has been pointed out by Big Dog superintendent Freddy Moore, talent only gets a driller so far if he cannot accomplish the goals of the company:

Rough Week for Roughnecks

This week, things are not looking up for Brandon or for Big Dog Rig 28. According to truTV:

Brandon keeps his promise to Cheston and gives him a drilling lesson, but after losing time with a twist off, things don’t play out as planned and Cheston risks their friendship by talking to a rival driller in the hopes of coming out on top. Things get ugly when Cheston bails on work after Brandon blows up at him. Meanwhile, Landowner Larry lays down the law to Oscar – if they don’t make their deadline, they could lose it all. And, Brandon's legal troubles leave him fearing he could be up against a 20-year sentence – and the wrath of the Big Dog Brass.

Will working together be the end of Brandon and Cheston’s friendship this time around? Will Cheston regret walking away from a good job for his friend? And, with so many problems on Big Dog Rig 28, will Cheston's attempt to help his friend be for naught in the end?

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: 'People WILL get fired," says Oscar

Black Gold airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

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Video: truTV/Black Gold


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Brandon needs to learn his temper doesn't mesh with anything but trouble and you would think facing 20 year because if his temper he would try harder to change. Now it's going to not only cause him his job but his only friend

Yes, you know, that's the thing that gets me is, as you indicated, he doesn't even try to control his anger, it seems ... I mean, he repeated, "Glasses, glasses," over and over when he spoke w/ his attorney about court, but the idea of doing prison time just seemed to roll right off of him in comparison to his concern about wearing glasses for a few hours ... oh, well.

Submitted by ML (not verified) on
He just needs a good girl to bring his soft side out! Most big tough guys have it in them.... its pulling that side out of them is the hard part

Submitted by ML (not verified) on
I would love to meet some of the very hot workers!!! I very seldom watch T.V. but I had to watch this show... all I can say is WOW! Don't fire Brandon!!!! He is sooooo sexy and worth watching the show for(:

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