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Breaking Amish cast members to speak frankly in reunion episode

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Cast members of TLCs Breaking Amish will address questions about their authenticity in a two-part reunion special.

After a highly successful season, TLC will be airing a two-part reunion of Breaking Amish, where some of the ongoing questions about the cast’s credibility will be addressed.

The show, of course, was set to follow four young Amish men and women, as well as one Mennonite woman, as they left their respective communities to experience the outside world, specifically New York City and all it has to offer, and decide if they wanted to continue down their respective religious paths. As TLC described it in a recent press release:

As they go through a series of firsts and get serious about careers, romance, and the possibility of a life away from everything and everyone they've ever known for good, they experience a number of highs and lows throughout their telling journey.

But, Was the Journey Fake?

Almost immediately, charges that the cast was phony began hitting chat rooms and media reports. With the upcoming reunion, TLC explains that the cast will have the opportunity to set the record straight about their past, as well as to confront each other about the many happenings in New York City. TLC indicates that topics broached will include Rebecca facing down Sabrina and Kate regarding that infamous denture-finding scene, as well as the recent “witchcraft-scene” allegations Sabrina and Jeremiah made against Kate. The reunion will be hosted by NBCs Michelle Beadle, and all five cast members—Jeremiah, Kate, Rebecca, Sabrina and Abe—will participate. Previous marriages, children, arrests, and drunken nights out on the town—all will be addressed in this two-part reunion. According to TLC, “[I]t's a raw discussion revealing intimate details about their lives and relationships.”

Additionally, the cast will discuss where they currently stand with friends and family, and whether or not any of them decided to return to their previous lives.

"Party Time" for Rebecca and Abe

TLC describes tonight’s new episode, “Party Time,” as follows:

Sabrina uncovers letters from her birth Mother while Kate gets a dose of reality. Abe and Rebecca struggle to plan their wedding, while Jeremiah and Sabrina plan a bachelor and bachelorette party the two might never forgive or forget in Atlantic City.

Stay tuned.

Breaking Amish regular episodes air on TLC on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. E/P. The first part of the reunion episode will air on Sunday, November 11, directly following the season finale episode; the second half of the reunion episode will air on November 18, at 10 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: Abe and Rebecca refuse to open up about daughter on reunion episode

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Video: TLC/Breaking Amish


Submitted by Stormy (not verified) on
TLC had a good idea and a gold mine. Rather than run with it they made a show bordering on libel and slander to the Amish community, They say the vetted the cast members,,,,, and how and who vetted were they. They apparently didn't check any facts, There are public records and all you have to do is do a google search to find them. Mugs shots, Facebook and Twitter accounts, modeling portfolios and DUI arrests complete with mug shots. i am sure the explanations will be as candy coated as the brief mere mention of the their past marriages, arrests, children, and on and on. And instead of standing up and saying we messed up they kept promoting the show by saying watch future episodes to find out more. So their ratings go up because everyone wants to hear the confessions and the low down. They will get little in the way of explaining away all that has been uncovered. The one thing I am sure will not be heard is an apology to the Amish people for projecting them as they have, But think how boring it would be if they had actually taken 5 Amish/Mennonite teens and thrown them into NYC. I don't anybody would have watched that for more then 10 minutes because it would have been too boring. The Learning Channel - exactly what are they trying to teach us and what is that we are supposed to learn that lying and harming an innocent community is the new American way. Good luck to you but it would be real nice if you could come up with a reality series that keeps it real.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
If their goal is to promote a show which is built entirely upon a lie and fraud, then the TLC has accomplished their goal. The so called "Characters" all lie about their past and to one another. The entire show is a fraud. I hope the dentist who was kind enough to provide free services to Rebecca now realizes that an economic fraud was perpetrated in the name of "reality tv." Rebecca was already married to Gomer and they have at least one child. Sad that this entire show is built upon one layer of lie after another. Good riddance to the entire "show".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm not trying to be critical but I though the lady who was interviewing the group could have asked some tough questions. I've watched the series & I was looking forward to seeing a "tough questions" type of interview but so far, it seems like milk toast.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
#1 TLC - I totally agree with your comment! I have Mennonite relatives in my family & never in a million years would those young people resort from "shuck-oh-darn" to F this & F that in a few short weeks! There's no way these 5 young people haven't been conditioned to the "English" lifestyle long before the show. I have NO problem with young people being exposed to life but I was hoping for a true, innocent story of 5 young people who had never been exposed to the "English" lifestyle! I didn't expect for half of them to have been married before, for none of them to be virgins, for them to have criminal records, etc. I feel like TLC totally misled the viewers! Also, in response to "#1", I agree that Rebecca should pay the kind dentist who provided her with new teeth! Hopefully TLC took care of that way before this but TLC duped everybody with the fake Amish show so who knows? I was really enjoying the show until I saw the cover ups that were going on. Now I'm just skeptical about anything they will air in the future. What's next? The Duggars are polygamists? I'm just kidding - I'm only using that as an extreme example. I adore the Duggars!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Is is it just me or do any of you think the interviewer should be asking tougher questions? 2 of the cast are sitting there ovbiously ticked off & the interviewer is acting like a marshmallow! I'm sure that Abe is the father of Rebecca's child, etc Maybe it's just me but TLC has hyped the reunion show for a week & IMO it was a DUD!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why are all the cast members dressed in Amish/Mennonite clothing as they do their voice-over synaposis? I never really understood why they choose to dress in traditional garb if they are no longer living the Amish lifestyle? Why is that?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why are all the cast members dressed in Amish/Mennonite clothing as they do their voice-over synaposis? I never really understood why they choose to dress in traditional garb if they are no longer living the Amish lifestyle? Why is that?

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