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Breaking Amish: Rebecca has a daughter, but does Abe?

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Last night's episodes may have muddied the waters even more, pushing viewers to keep asking, "How much of this show is fake?"

Last night, Rebecca admitted to having a child before the production of TLCs Breaking Amish began.

"I do have a daughter. She’s 19- months old. I wasn’t with my ex when I found out I was pregnant," Rebecca said.

Her ex, she said, denied that the baby is his; but, is it Abe’s? So far, both are refusing to answer, but perhaps the question will be investigated more completely in next week’s continuation of the “Reunion Episode.” But, if this week's finale was any indication, the newlyweds aren't talking.


Beyond that question, Abe and Rebecca went a bit over-the-top this week regarding their bachelor/bachelorette party. Perhaps they did not know exactly what having such a party entailed, but strippers certainly are not unusual in the planning of such an event—not a reason to be calling hotel security to have people removed from the room, at any rate.

“It’s supposed to be a bachelor party, but they called in some strippers,” Abe told the front desk. Honestly, those people had to have been rolling with laughter when they got that call. They didn’t seem to send people rushing to the suite, full-on emergency mode, anyway.

Rebecca had barricaded herself and Abe in another room of the suite. “I don’t know who in their right mind would be a fan of a stripper,” she said to the camera. “What is wrong with people? Go to church! If you feel the urge to go strip, go to church!”

A bit of an overreaction, perhaps? Maybe they didn’t really get the concept of a bachelor/bachelorette party? Of course, no, every bachelor/bachelorette party doesn’t include a stripper, but, really, barricading yourself into a room because there was a stripper at a bachelor/bachelorette party?

“Everybody has been disrespecting us this whole time, and I’m done with it!” Rebecca yelled at Sabrina through the door. Moments later, “I have a daughter!” she yelled as they walked out of the suite. “I don’t need naked people in my @@@@@@@ face!”

You Have a What?

The daughter thing was apparently a surprise to the cast, as well.

Abe refused to talk about it further in a camera cameo, telling the producer, “I refuse to talk about it. Either you take that or I leave.”

And, they refused to answer Jeremiah's question regarding who the father of the little girl is, Abe saying, "That's kind of a private matter," and Rebecca adding, "We just don't talk about it, because that's not a question that needs to be answered."

Makes one wonder, however: If Rebecca really did not tell her husband-to-be that she had been married previously, when did she tell him that she had a baby, and how did she explain that?

How much of this "reality" show is just straight-out lies?

Rebecca said that she did not want her daughter to be doing what that [bleep] was doing, referring to the stripper; perhaps a hard look in the mirror—or at videotape footage of her own behavior and language—would be in order, as well, if she is concerned about potential negative influences on her child.

Just a thought.

Stay tuned.

Next week, the Breaking Amish "Reunion Episode" continues on TLC at 10 p.m. ET. Will Breaking Amish get a Season Two? Well, that is yet to be confirmed one way or another, but one thing is for certain: The show has garnered big ratings for the network.

UPDATED: Abe and Rebecca refuse to open up about daughter on reunion episode

Image: TLC

Video: TLC/Breaking Amish


Yeah; that's kinda the idea of the show, but particpants forget that sometimes, it seems.


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