Buyers uncover gold mines and landmines on Property Wars

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Does Doug get conned by a pretty outside, or does Scott lose out on a winner?

Real estate-loving viewers everywhere are enjoying the new season of Property Wars on the Discovery Channel. Flipping is on the menu, and sometimes there are big wins, sometimes big losses.

The Phoenix housing market is hot, and hundreds of houses go to the auction block each day. For the savvy buyer, the Phoenix market can be a gold mine of profit; for the eager amateur, it can be a series of landmines. But, even for the experienced buyer, homes are not always what they seem to be from the outside—the only thing a buyer gets to examine before the bidding begins. This week, according to Discovery Channel, on episode “Hidden Treasure,” Doug may be taken in by a pretty outside:

It's a mixed bag at the housing auction. Ed sees clues that make him think there are treasures inside a home in a rough neighborhood. Doug sees a modest home with easy profit potential—but may find otherwise. John and Scott duel over a horse property.

Following this episode, viewers can stick around for “Property Wars: Boom or Bust,” an amped-up episode for Property Wars fans. According to Discovery Channel:

Rebuilt with bonus footage, production fact and tweets. John bids strong on a colorful historic house. Scott bids on a house blindly, and the rest of his rivals consider it payback time.

Stay tuned.

Property Wars airs on the Discovery Channel on Thursday nights, beginning at 10/9c.

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I really wish Discovery would wake up and put the current season on iTunes. I'll watch it once they do.

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