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Cody, Joe may have turned trust-building corner on Dual Survival

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Perhaps Cody and Joe have reached an area of understanding in their budding Dual Survival partnership.

Up until last night, Cody and Joe had done nothing but argue on the new season of Discovery Channel's Dual Survival. They not only disagreed, they appeared to be truly at odds with each other personally. However, last night it seemed that the Dual Survival hosts may have turned a corner to some sort of truce and/or understanding.

The show started out as has been typical: Cody and Joe arguing. Fans have gotten accustomed to their arguing, and have made it clear that they are unhappy with it. But, as relationships do, Cody and Joe’s relationship is no doubt evolving as they get to know each other better, and they build trust in each other’s abilities.

Cody's A Big Boy

Fans have been largely supportive of Cody this season, and have defended him against Joe. But, let’s be honest: Cody does not need defending. Cody is as much of an alpha male as Joe, and he is every bit as bossy. But, after two seasons with Cody, fans are comfortable with him, and do not find his bossy ways threatening. Have you ever noticed: Cody orders, he does not ask. Last night, for example, when Cody and Joe were discussing their first objectives, Cody was rather condescending:

“I’ll cut some poles, maybe you can recon for some water or something like that,” he told Joe, as if he were Cody's intern.

When Joe said he was going to make a spear for protection—a good idea, if you have ever been around wild boars—Cody started straight into lecture mode, detailing why his idea was good and Joe's was bad. Again, condescending—although it was funny when he asked, “Why don’t I bring back a pizza, too?” when Joe suggested that Cody “multitask” and look around for water while he looked for materials for the shelter. And, come on, was that so unreasonable? They were in Hawaii, not the desert; water was near.

“It’s like I’m dealing with a kid,” Cody huffed. This statement sums up Cody’s attitude towards Joe, regardless of the praise he has heaped on him in camera cameos, and has no doubt been a source of the tension between them: Cody expects to be in charge.

Dual Survival fans have been harsh towards Joe, but last night when Cody asked, not ordered, Joe to get some bamboo for disinfecting water, Joe just nodded and went to get the bamboo. And, when Cody conceded that he needed Joe’s help to make a fire with the bamboo saw, Joe jumped right in and helped. Lesson? A little courtesy can go a long way.

Now THAT'S Dinner!

Joe and Cody come from two different worlds, and they both have something to bring to Dual Survival. Last night, after much arguing, Joe brought a pig to the dinner table.

“I don’t know what to say,” Cody said as Joe flopped the pig down.

Well, he couldn’t say much when they sat down for a feast, since he had his mouth full of meat.

“You know, Cody, hopefully this has established some kind of trust and confidence in each other. I don’t want to get hurt, man. … If I wasn’t comfortable doing this, I wouldn’t have done it.”

“I hear what you’re saying,” Cody answered respectfully. “I get it. If you don’t compromise and cooperate, both parties are dead.”


Joe has skills to bring to the table on Dual Survival, and he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. The key to Dual Survival is the survivalists, now Cody and Joe, working as a team, and trusting each other. Up until this episode, the two had been working AGAINST each other; perhaps this episode, they established themselves as a TEAM.

“Cooperation is always the way to stay alive,” Cody said as the rescue helicopter flew into the cove to get them.

“Cody and I are both Type-A personalities,” Joe said at the end of the show. “But, at the end of the day, you’ve got to be smart enough to know that this is a TEAM event. If you can do that, you can accomplish any goal and get through any type of situation, regardless of how bad it may be.”

And, of course, Dual Survival is a team event, whoever the players might be; perhaps Joe and Cody are playing on that team together, now.

Stay tuned.

Dual Survival airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Exhibit A. Cody gets googly eyed for Joe for him tying a knife to a staff with the inner core of a paracord in Unbraided, then gives him a verbal beatdown for wanting to do it in the actual show with an actual spear. Exhibit B Cody praises Joe's military experience and calls him a hero and blah, blah, blah...but as Joe is telling Cody about his war inflicted wound, Cody MOCKS Joe and tells him he left his violin in the truck. Exhibit C Cody vehemently complains about Joe drinking his own urine or having Joe's urine anywhere near him, but he was all set to urinate on Dave's hat. Exhibit D Cody sings the praises of Joe's Special Forces Training and what he'll bring to the table, but just about everything that Joe suggests, Cody immediately shoots it down and dismisses as not being relevant to their situation because it's different. So what's the point in having a military expert in the first place to contrast styles? Exhibit E Joe can't climb out of a mine shaft, but there's a ladder literally 12" to his left with the cameraman hanging off it if (and it can be seen in some shots). Exhibit F Remember the Land Rover that "coincidentally" showed up just in the nick of time to rescue Cody & Joe at the end of their South Africa shoot? It's the SAME truck from the opening scenes (funny part is how dangerous the scene was supposed to be to the point that they had to run in the truck which was kept between them and the lions at all times, while they left the cameraman behind! LOL). And that's just off the top of my head! Come on people...I can't be the only one who's seeing the obvious double talk here. This is precisely why the show went from #1 when Dave was on and plummeted all the way to #58. The Dual Survival Franchise is D.O.A. and it ain't because of Joe. Joe is an awesome operator. I'll leave it at that. Just look at what's missing in the show and you'll have you answer and you'll know why fans have left the show in droves. They are going to finish out the season (they have to, they're already in 5 episodes) and that'll be that. Meanwhile, I'll be watching The REAL Star of Dual Survival on his own show with Myke Hawke on the Outdoors Channel where REAL Wilderness Survival is taught and not staged.

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