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Communication continues to be problem for Les, Seth on Hardcore Pawn

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It is clear that, while Les says he has forgiven his son for the Pontiac fiasco, there is still plenty of tension between the business-minded father and son.

There may still be a bit of a communication problem between Les and Seth on truTVs Hardcore Pawn.

Actor Kane Hodder, best known for playing Jason in the Friday the 13th movie series, brought a "Jason mask" charm into American Jewelry and Loan that he wanted to have recreated in gold for a charity event. Typically, the work he requested takes five days; he needed it in two, in a different city. Seth promised him, however that it would get done, which meant it had to leave the store as an express shipment later that same day.

“Ever since the Pontiac store disaster, my dad still doesn’t trust me,” Seth said. “So, if I can expand our business, it should be a step in the right direction.”

But, doing that by making a potentially impossible promise—make a mold, make it out of gold, then finish the piece in eight hours—probably was not the best way to go, especially when Seth was not even the person actually tasked with fulfilling the promise. And, oh, not relating the project to anyone else who might be in the room working with the torches and melting gold, that proved to be a problem, as well.

If It Can Go Wrong

Jeff, the employee working on the charm, left the just-finished piece on the gold-working station, just waiting for a bit of polishing. However, he carelessly tossed it in a pile with the other scrap gold. Oooops. Not realizing what the piece was, Les picked it up and used it to test his blowtorch as he tried to melt a possible “white” gold bar that was not melting. Turns out the torch was fine, and when Jeff got back, he found a partially melted “Jason” charm on the workstation. Needless to say, Seth was less than happy.

“When I left for lunch, it was perfect,” Jeff insisted to Seth as they stood at the workstation, both seeing the ruined piece for the first time.

“This doesn’t look perfect to me, Jeff,” Seth shot back.

So, with four hours left, it was back to ground zero.

Who Was at Fault?

“I had to melt a few things to make sure the torch was working correctly.” When Seth told his dad what the “scrap gold” he had melted actually was, Les blamed his son for not informing him of the project, but Seth had a good point: “My dad’s harping on me about communication, what about his communication? Who goes around just melting random things without asking?”

Seth has a point.

But, then again, Les had a point when he told Seth later that if it was so important, it should not have been laying on a desk in a pile of scrap gold.

“You’re screwed,” Ashley said helpfully as Seth walked away.

“Thanks, Ash,” he replied.

Ah, sibling love.

Down to the Wire

Seth had to beg the express delivery guy to wait for Jeff to finish up, but he was on a schedule, and couldn’t just hang around American Jewelry and Loan for their package to be ready—can’t blame the guy for doing his job. He left the store, but, fortunately, the package was wrapped and Seth was able to get to the delivery guy in the parking lot as he neared his van.

The ongoing tension between father and son was obvious in their exchange at the end of the show. Seth later addressed the camera, saying, “Talk about not being able to let something go. All my dad does is harp on the negative.” Les countered in his own cameo saying, “Seth pulled it off, good for him. But, it’s obvious he still has a lot to learn.”

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Hardcore Pawn: Chicago premiering on truTV Dec. 18.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

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Video: truTV/Hardcore Pawn

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