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DCC: Making the Team candidate current social media sweetheart (SPOILER ALERT)

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Life goes on with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and a one-time rookie candidate is now not only a DCC rookie on the field, but this week's social media sweetheart.

This week’s social media sweetheart, featured on the official Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders page, is Colleen Meghan, a rookie DCC with goals that could take her far beyond Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the future.

“I would like to achieve my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and then work on formulations in a research and development laboratory,” Colleen said in a Q&A session on her official DCC page. “I currently work as an insurance agent.”

The DCC cheerleaders come from all walks of life, and most continue hold down jobs or attend school during their tenure as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, whether it be a one-year stint or a five-year run. Not surprisingly, many DCCs are full of life and ready for adventure, and Colleen is no exception.

“I don’t know if I really have [a lifetime goal],” Colleen said. “I just go wherever the wind takes me!” Colleen also added, “I really do live by my own rules. I never let anyone direct my choices.”

Colleen is no stranger to juggling her life activities with work. “The first job I had I waited tables at a breakfast diner with my teammates from track. They played 50’s music and it had a train theme.”

The rookie DCC has come a long way from bussing tables between track meets, and, while she has lofty academic goals for herself, her if-I-won-the-lottery dreams (Don’t we all have them?) are focused on her family, specifically moving her whole family to Texas and helping her sister open a dance studio. But, that is not surprising. Colleen is a family girl, and even says her ideal vacation is simply being with her family. "Anywhere my family is. It doesn't matter where we are, if my family is there, I'm having a great time!”

And, her favorite part about being a DCC?

"All my beautiful friends!” she said on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Facebook page. “But seriously, the friendships I’ve made on this team are priceless! I love the games, and photo shoots, and half-times, and appearances, but it is the amazing women I stand next to that make this a truly unique experience. I have met so many wonderful, talented, sweet, and kind young women that I will keep in my life forever! And that has made this time in my life so amazing!!!"

Read more about Colleen Meghan—her likes, dislikes, her best and worst habits, and the amazing number of times she hits the snooze button each morning—on the official Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders website.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on CMT on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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Image: CMT

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