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DCC: Making the Team sends multiple veterans packing in preliminaries

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team was not business as usual for some of the veteran DCCs, who did not make it into training camp this year.

A new season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team has begun on CMT—and this year, the veterans are finding the challenge tougher than ever before.

Typically, veterans just skate through the “preliminaries,” assuming that they will make it into training camp based on their veteran status. But, this year, with the number of potential challengers to their positions high, that was not the case.

Oh, there were the typical “what-in-the-world-were-they-thinking” characters at the initial audition, including a 62-year-old woman who, one would assume, was just crossing something off her bucket list, so good for her. But, there were a lot of true challengers to the DCC vets, and the vets, as a group, were really slacking this season. Of anyone, the vets should know not to come to auditions out-of-shape and overweight, but it was a recurring theme this year (although, it should be pointed out that “overweight” and “out-of-shape” for a DCC is hardly “overweight” and “out-of-shape” for the majority of us, who do not wear tiny white shorts and a halter top on a regular basis). And, the one-on-one interviews were simply a disaster for some of the girls; four REALLY stood out:

  • Katie, a former Mavericks cheerleader, who posted “Mavericks suck” on her Facebook page, not building a lot of trust with the panel.
  • Carla Ann, who had no idea who the Democratic nominee for president is and, later, in a camera cameo said, “I do know the answer now—it’s Michelle Obama.” Apparently, those off-camera were obviously taken aback, because she then said, “Is that right? Was that right? That wasn’t right? Okay.”
  • Alyssa Jean, a veteran, not only was unable to name a Dallas Cowboys running back, but then said, “I don’t think very well right off the top, I mean, I thought of one last night.” As a representative of the Dallas Cowboys, well, that did not sit well with the panel of judges.
  • And, one unidentified candidate who said TE Jason Witten is her favorite Cowboy “because I LOVE the defense.” Without blinking, the judge who had asked the question said, “He plays offense, though.” All the girl could say was, “Oh.”

In the end, 45 young women were invited into training camp, minus at least three veterans (Alyssa Torres, Cassie Kathleen and Meghan Michelle)—extremely unusual.

Cassie Trammell, DCC choreographer Judy’s daughter, did make it into training camp, despite a serious knee injury and recent surgery. Should she have made it? Well, as fitness trainer Jay said, “Either you’re ready today or you’re not ready.” But, she was asked into training camp, nevertheless; sometimes being the daughter of someone who matters does have some perks.

Stay tuned for next Friday, when training camp gets started, and things get even harder.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on CMT on Friday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATE: Could Jenna Lene be cut for appearing too young?

UPDATE: Cuts begin on Night Two when naughty Internet photos surface

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Well, as I mentioned, at least three were cut (names above); whether or not there were others cut not on camera, I do not know. I'm not aware of a list of who was cut and at what stage, but there is a list of the final team on the DCC website, if you want to peek ahead of where the show is at the moment.

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