'Deadliest Catch': Elliott's behavior questionable, Harris brothers learning

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Will the Harris brothers and Captain Elliott prove themselves on the Bering Sea, or are they headed down the wrong roads for a career in crab fishing?

Fans have already figured out that there is no love lost between Scott “Junior” Campbell, captain of the Seabrooke, and Elliott Neese, captain of the Ramblin’ Rose. But, as the season progresses, Elliott is starting to show signs that he cannot handle the pressure of being the captain of a crab boat.

Elliott, of course, is the youngest captain of the fleet, at age 29, and, in last week’s episode, he began to show just how desperate he is to prove himself. After making a $1,000 bet with Junior, Elliott quickly began falling behind in the crab count, simply not being able to find the elusive blue crab, no matter how hard he pushed his boat and his crew--which often seems to be too hard. His solution?

Drop pots on top of Junior’s.

Of course, Captain Junior was less than thrilled with what he considered disrespectful fishing by an inexperienced, incompetent captain. But, Elliott seemed to have no remorse about his questionable tactics.

"Last I checked, you couldn’t buy real estate on the Bering Sea,” Elliot commented. “I don’t really give a (bleep).”

Being such a young, inexperienced captain, fans may find it disappointing to see him taking the low road so quickly. After all, one must assume that he is forming his captain’s character in these first few seasons in the big seat; if he is willing to take such obviously disrespectful—to both Junior and himself as a captain—actions right out of the gate, what kind of captain is he likely to become down the road? In fact, is he likely to be a captain down the road if the only way he can catch crab is to drop his lines on top of another captain’s?

Just wait until the two hit land.

It will also be interesting to see how the Harris brothers progress this season. Josh, on the Time Bandit, seems willing to learn, and the Hillstrand brothers willing to teach. And, on the Northwestern, Captain Sig and Edgar also seem to be cheering for Jake. But, as they made clear when the season began, Jake has a lot prove on their boat, and they expect him to step up to the rail and do it, just like everyone else. In tonight’s episode, fans will have a chance to see just how Jake is faring—and whether or not he is cutting it as a member of the Northwestern crew.

The latest episode of Deadliest Catch airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.

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