Deadliest Catch greenhorn earns praise, raise from Captain Keith

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While greenhorn Roger is soaring on the Wizard, five-year veteran Lynn may be at the end of his run with Captain Keith on the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

Deadliest Catch skipper Captain Keith may have finally found something that is rare on the Bering Sea: A competent greenhorn.

Captain Keith has went through greenhorn after greenhorn on the Wizard on the popular Discovery Channel reality television show. Whether that is because the rookies just could not cut it, the crew did not encourage them properly, or a combination of both is hard to determine, really, but new crew member Roger appears to be working out extremely well.

The Wizard is having a particularly hard time with crew this season, with one greenhorn going down on deck earlier—fans will all remember the air-lift scene—and two veterans being down, specifically Monty, who is dealing with a shoulder recovery from surgery, and Lenny, who has a laceration healing on his hand, making it near-impossible for either to throw the hook. Junior deckhand Lynn has not had a stellar career fishing on the Wizard over the last five years, and throwing the hook has been a particular struggle. Now, he is being called by the captain to step up and throw the hook—but he’s not making the cut.

Roger, on the other hand, is doing everything right, including getting ahead on bait without being asked, and keeping the captain informed as opilio crab season continues.

“Roger is the first greenhorn I’ve had on here in 10 years that I didn’t have to go up there and say, ‘Here’s the [bait] bin. When it starts to get a little low, let me know.’ I think we’ve found ourselves a keeper in Roger.”

But, Lynn continued to struggle, missing again and again with the hook.

“Worse thing is, every time he’s put under pressure, he only gets worse,” Captain Keith observed pessimistically.

“I wish I was a little bit better,” Lynn admitted to the camera.

Unfortunately, he’s not.

But, Roger kept getting better, being aware of the tight bait situation—not over-baiting, not under-baiting. He even earned praise from the captain—something one doesn’t hear very often on the Wizard:

“You’ll be an all-star if you keep doing that, Roger. Thank you,” Captain Keith gushed like a proud dad.

His talk with Lynn wasn’t as cheery, as the captain finally gave up and took him off the hook, demoting him to tying the stack.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynn’s thinking he wants to make this his last year, that wouldn’t surprise me,” Captain Keith said, but didn’t indicate conclusively that he was going to make that determination for him.

All Downhill for Deadlist Catch Deckhand Lynn

Still, the comparisons between five-year veteran Lynn and Roger continued, when the poorly tied stacks were rocking back and forth, and Captain Keith pulled Lynn off of stack duty.

Where is there for Lynn to go?

“How many times do you let somebody continue to put other people at risk before you just stop doing it?” Captain Keith asked the camera.

But, after only six days, Captain Keith called Roger, the greenhorn, to the wheelhouse.

“You just got a half a percent raise,” the captain tells the rookie, after praising his performance. Then, to the camera, Captain Keith indicated that Roger is, “the guy that I’ve been waiting four years to show up on this boat to not just push Lynn, but pass Lynn and take his job. Boom—get outta the way."

Sounds like Lynn’s fate is sealed on the Wizard.

Stay tuned.

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i feel bad for lynn... imagine doing something for 5 years and then having a kid show up who does better than you the first week! Also, just thought I'd point out ; it's Monty not Marty

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