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'Deadliest Catch': New season finds Harris boys on separate fishing boats (VIDEO)

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Deadliest Catch will be thrilling Discovery Channel fans again on April 10, when its 100th episode kicks off a new season.

It’s a new season for America’s favorite crab fishermen and fans will find the familiar as well as new life and problems for the crews of Discovery Channel’s Emmy-winning Deadliest Catch.

This season, the crews experience a harsh reality of doing business, when the season brings a change of quotas, with crews having the amount of crab they are allowed to catch being cut by almost half. This has the boat owners and captains asking some hard, but necessary questions: How can the crews make enough money to support their families? Can they even make enough money to keep the boats going? Will some crew members have to find themselves out of a job? And, will strategies be different? For example, some crews may choose to go for the more elusive, but higher-dollar, blue crab. And, at least one boat will decide to change pots and gear to generate higher profits in the long run.

Last season, the boys of late Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris could not make a go of leading their father’s boat and crew. But, that does not mean the Harris sons decided to get out of fishing altogether. This season, Jake lands on the Northwestern, where he learns Captain Sig’s golden rule: "There's the right way, there's the wrong way and then there's the Norwegian way." Older brother Josh ends up on the Time Bandit as a deckhand—can he cut it? And, if not, will his failure destroy the long-time friendship between the Harris family and the Time Bandit crew? Elsewhere, on the Seabrooke, Captain Junior gives his little brother Whipper another chance, but may regret the decision.

Fans of Deadliest Catch are no doubt eager for this latest round of ups and downs, and should mark their calendars for Tuesday, April 10, when the show’s new season—and 100th episode—airs at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Video: Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch

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