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Deadliest Catch: Revelations features Josh Harris, Edgar Hansen, Jake Anderson

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Deadliest Catch: Revelations gave fans an inside look into the thoughts of some of fans' favorites on the Discovery Channel show.

Fans of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch have spent the season cheering for some crew members, encouraging some, and just simply worrying about others. On last night’s special, Deadliest Catch: Revelations, fans got an extra-close look at what some of the stars of the show are really feeling and thinking, and a glimpse at how the show could be affected in the future.

Jake Anderson has the hearts of everyone, from Deadliest Catch fans to the captains. Anyone who has watched him from his first season on the Northwestern to now, making preparations to take the next step in his fishing career, cannot help but be impressed. He has earned the respect of all of those around him, putting his heart and soul into everything he does. It was sad to learn that his father’s death was the result of a substance abuse problem, but that, of course, does not diminish Jake’s own star one bit. Fans will continue to cheer for the up-and-coming captain and, one day, when he does leave the Northwestern to captain his own crew, he will no doubt have the love and support of all around him, bittersweet though it might be.

Captain Sig of the Northwestern is definitely a favorite of fans; his younger brother Edgar, until this season, has typically spent his days in Sig’s gigantic shadow. But, seemingly to Sig’s—and perhaps even Edgar’s—surprise, Edgar has made his presence known this season.

Edgar has always been an important part of the Northwestern team as the engineer/deck boss. In fact, as Captain Sig pointed out, Edgar has been so good in his position on the boat, it has made it even more difficult to envision him moving into the wheelhouse. But, Edgar cannot stay on the deck forever—physically, it is simply too brutal—and he is ready to make a move.

“Now, I’m at the point where I’m breaking. You can’t work on deck like that forever. … it’s inevitable. … It’s going to happen, whether [Sig] likes it or not.” Edgar said of his wheelhouse aspirations.

Harris Family Legacy

Fans no doubt were anxious to hear from Josh Harris, older brother of Jake Harris. Again, no one came straight out and said that Jake is battling a drug problem, but everyone has been wondering: Will Josh let Jake’s problems bring him down? Last night, Josh's words, at least, indicated, “No”:

“If I don’t take it seriously, then I’m just going to lose everything that we’ve worked for. The whole point of going on a crab boat is to progress and get to the wheelhouse, in my opinion. I don’t want to be on deck the rest of my life. And, we have an opportunity ahead of us and, if we work it right, we could be running a boat. I’m not willing to lose our legacy and our family heritage—that boat—because he’s not ready. I’m ready. And he can either come with me or he can sit at home with his thumb up his a@@, and one day, hopefully, wake up. I used to party a lot, too. … I’m not going to let him screw it up. … My revelation is now I need to focus on myself.”

That was good for many fans to hear.

It was amazing, seeing old footage of Jake Harris, just a few seasons ago, compared with the Jake Harris of today; he just does not look, physically, like the same kid. It’s sad. And, whether or not Josh will follow thru with his tough talk—sometimes actions are harder to put into motion than it is to speak the words themselves—it is impossible to know at this time. But, it seems clear that both fans and his fellow Deadliest Catch fishermen are behind Josh Harris, 100 percent. As for Jake—he’ll just have to do it on his own. Will he?

Stay tuned.

Next week, a brand-new behind-the-scenes episode of Deadliest Catch will air on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

Image: Courtesy Discovery Channel


Submitted by LJP (not verified) on
Jake, your dad wants his sons to suceed and pilot sucessfully their own crab boat (like the Hanson brothers). Let prayer guide you through your grief and let your dad know you are "ok" here on earth via your sucess. I've got confidence in you. Elliot-he's a "fast talker, isn't he? He needs to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n...It is soooo difficult to figure out what he's saying and the "bleeps" are annoying because he cannot seem to speak without cursing. He's still "wet behind the ears" and comes off as an immature teenager. His kids and the mama of them are now out of his life and he's got that restraining order to keep him out of their lives with the exception of infrequent, supervised visits. What is it about this situation he does not get? Elliot needs to GROW UP and perhaps earn his "wings" as a crew person on a crab boat before taking the responsibility of steering one. He's reckless and his crew hates his treatment of them and his lack of confidence in looking for and finding the crabs. He potted his crab pots, afterall, on top of Junior's, remember? He really comes off as offensive and quick tempered as a captain and I do not blame his girl for leaving him and trying to keep him out of her life. Smart girl. You need some strong, tough love, Elliot. Be a good deck hand for several years and if you are lucky, just maybe you'll get to the stature of the Hanson brothers or Junior.

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