'Deadliest Catch' Season 8 ready to leave port on Discovery tonight (VIDEO)

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With the Harris boys on different boats, and some of the worst weather in years, the captains and crews of Deadliest Catch are set to have a difficult time in Season 8--which premieres tonight with Episode 100.

Deadliest Catch is returning to the Discovery Channel tonight, much to the delight of reality show lovers everywhere. This show, now in its eighth season, was one of the first reality shows to hook viewers and reel them into the reality formula, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2012.

Tonight, the season premiere, is the 100th episode of the award-winning series. The regular captains of the 2011 season are all back, searching for their own version of Bering Sea gold, a.k.a. Alaska king crab. But, this year is throwing the captains a few curves. One of the most prominent changes this season is hitting the captains and crews where it really hurts: in their wallets. With quotas cut in half, captains are having to rethink their way of doing business, and crews may find that the season’s bottom lines might just leave them with less-than-desirable take-home pay. And, quota-slashing isn’t the only challenge the captains and crews will face this season. 2012 brings some of the harshest weather conditions seen in years on the Bering Sea—the worst ever seen by some of the fishermen, and, as any viewer knows, that is a big statement to make.

Many fans will be sad to see the Cornelia Marie leaving the line-up this season. But, those who watched faithfully in Season 7 will no doubt agree that there were problems on that boat that simply could not be overcome with the Harris boys, Jake and Josh, trying to fill their late dad’s shoes. No disrespect to either of them, and certainly not to their late father, but they simply were not up to the task. Unfortunately, neither son took advantage of Captain Phil’s vast experience while he was alive and well, and neither ever learned how to run a boat, handle a crew, or, ultimately, fish for crab and bring home a paycheck for everyone. So, this season, while the Cornelia Marie sits it out, Jake Harris will fish with the crew of the Northwestern, while brother Josh will be aboard the Time Bandit—and no doubt many viewers will be glad to get a break from the brothers’ constant, unproductive bickering, if nothing else. But, after a few seasons of working for their father, and a failed season of being “in charge,” how will they conform to the rules of working with some of the best, but toughest, captains and crews in the crab-fishing fleet?

Deadliest Catch, Season 8, begins tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.; viewers can get ready for Episode 100, and relive previous episodes with a day-long Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery.

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Video: Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch

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