'The Devils Ride': Are the Laffing Devils real or fake?

The premiere of the new Discovery Channel reality series The Devils Ride has created quite a stir among viewers, raising one question in particular: Is this a real club, or one created specifically for television?

The new Discovery Channel reality series, The Devils Ride, is causing a lot of controversy among viewers. Some are adamant that the show could not be real; others are taking a more open approach, giving the show—and the Laffing Devils—a chance to prove themselves. Here on Huliq, many readers have chimed in with their opinions. An anonymous reader got the comment ball rolling on a recent article:

What respectable MC airs their Mc business with the world on national television? Also, if you listen and watch what goes on in the first airing, they contradict themselves relative to membership/tension etc. Lastly, the wives of the members go out for dinner in public with cameras rolling for national TV and they (or Prospect Charles) worry about some paparazzi taking pics of them? If you don't want your pic taken, why are you on TV? Also, I wonder if they realize that Red and White is the colors of another well known worldwide MC that has been around for over 50 years. I am curious to know if these TV bikers got permission to use those two colors and center logo from the worldwide MC that owns them?

A lot of questions, all pointing, of course, to “fake.” Others, however, were less critical of the show, such as this anonymous commenter:

Hey they’re cool ! All M/C;s don't have to be 1%ers. They’re there with permission. These guys are just in it for the Brotherhood of riding with friends. A step up from your local Hog chapter.

Also, Rob said:

Maybe they really are just a club who likes to ride motorcycles. It sounds like people here are taking it too seriously. You don't have to live like something out of a movie to have a group of people who ride together.

Is a Cop-MC Prez Marriage Acceptable?

An interesting issue that arose in this comment stream was the suggestion that one of the Laffing Devils is married to a police officer—something that readers adamantly say would never happen in a real MC (motorcycle club).




Any MC associated as closely with law enforcement ie.. wife of a prez...is definitely not welcomed near or around our club.


I am 55 and been riding since I was 15 only a ama riding club would allow a person with a cop in the family esp the president to have a cop for a wife what a &^%*($^ joke.

Others, however, seemed to think having a cop in an MC could be a benefit, like Zrfunited, who still agreed, overall that the Laffing Devils were likely fake:

Most likely their antics are contrived for television. Like I said, I most likely won't watch it. Don't really care to watch a bunch of folks playing at the fantasy. … I would actually venture to say that a wife or girlfriend who was a cop would be a great benefit to an outlaw.

It was unclear, overall, just what readers felt defined an MC, but those ideas were clearly polarized as well. While some debated on whether or not an MC would ever allow itself to be associated with a police officer, other anonymous comments focused on the other possibilities of being in a MC:


Not all clubs are created to perpetuate scum, hate and discontent of all those around. Some of us are actually here to really help others.

You are exactly right. There are no rules to an MC that's what keeps everyone guessing. If their were specific rules it would not be an MC.

And, Sheryl agreed, saying:

Real clubs have raised more monies for St. Jude’s , cancer treatment , etc., than our govermment or any private org.

Whatever the definition of a “real” MC, one thing is clear: As long as The Devils Ride is hitting the airwaves at the Discovery Channel, it is going to be stirring up controversy, particularly the question that has yet to be anwered: Fake or not fake?

Stay tuned.

The Devils Ride airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. E/P.

UPDATE: The Devils Ride into sunset on Season One finale

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Video: Discovery Channel, The Devils Ride

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Submitted by SheWhoRidesFREE... (not verified) on
A 1% MC would NEVER allow cameras to follow them. A 1% MC follows protocal, is not associated with police or married to one. A 1% MC doesn't go around bragging about what they do and where they do it. 1%ers NEVER discuss their business with anyone, NOR DO MCs IN GENERAL. This crew is not labled a "1% MC" seems to be a brotherhood and has their own rules. It's a free country and last time I checked and we all have freedom of speech, as Vets the majority of this MC understands that much. There are those of us who ride are not in an MC but know the rules and this is truly a made for TV show, most "reality" shows have scripts they follow and of course add DRAMA expressly for TV. Don't knock this MC for doing what they have the right to do under the constitution and those VETS in this MC who fought for our rights, freedom to ride this country as NOMADS and they don't claim territory. To me claiming territory is just plain stupid anyway as the Native Americans are the only ones who should ever be able to claim territory but it was TAKEN from them - entirely different subject for another day. If you're in a 1% MC or other MC and don't like this show, don't watch it. Again your right under our constitution.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Wow. Sounds like a bunch of inner city trash complaining because a rapper isn't a convicted criminal. Some clubs are composed of bad news who behave like dogs (if they can't mate with it or eat it, they defecate on it) and others are made up of nice guys. Get over it. Sorry this club disappoints those who think that the purpose of an MC is to sell meth, not ride motrorcycles. From what I can tell, a lot of 1%er clubs these days are just gangsters who don't even ride.

Submitted by Joey P. (not verified) on
@SheWhoRidesFREELY - Sister you hit the nail right on the damn head. I fought in 2 different conflicts on this planet we call Earth, and By God if they want to do whatever they are doing, then piss on you all who don't like it. I'll quote my dad " anyone can piss up a rope be a hero and shit on the ceiling" dad wasn't good for much but I do like that.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Never claimed to be a 1% club if I am not mistaken...also colors in the interview said red and grey not white.....I think there is some scripting going on .....otherwise there would be no show...I find it funny that there is so much controversy after only one episode.....I choose to wait a bit to make a decision about it. Hopefully the further episodes will show some of the different aspects of the club...gonna hold off till I cast my vote about this one!

Submitted by Anonymous Red (not verified) on
This is a fake MC. Just like someone else on here had said all their jackets and patches are new, as the ex old lady of a real biker in a real MC I can tell you , that is a tell tale sign that they are fake. I get a real vibe that they are all cops, they all have that look! When they went paint ballin they all assumed that cop like stance.I would love to hear from some Hells Angels, Diablos, Devils Deciples, banditdos, and other real clubs about what they think about these fakers. I am thinking repercussions!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
But...I was in Cali in the Marine Corps and I saw these guys riding i think its retarded to even think that these guys may be fake Ive seen em personally without a camera crew behind em. That "cop like stance" is a stack which is also used in the military probably alot more than cops use it so you just sound like an idiot. Im sure the 1%s prolly think these guys are jokes compared to them and in their eyes I agree but like people have been sayin they arent a 1% MC and there are alot of other non 1% MCS out there so I guess all you guys that may or may not even ride, think that every MC has to be a 1% club I guess its not about the riding to you just beng a bada&* and 1% are both but it is also about riding scoots yall are ridiculous and you piss me off even getting me in this stupid conversation

Submitted by NoLimitNigga (not verified) on
Calling a perfectly good motorcycle a "scoot" is like the gayest thing you can do, dude.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i grew up with a biker for a dad, and have been affiliated with numerous m/c's here since i was a kid, and a lot of the older 40+ guys sometimes refer to their bikes as scoots especially here on the east coast, there is nothing wrong with that,what are you 20 give me a break... now as for the people still saying 1 % just stop, you all sound like fools, they did not proclaim to be a 1 %er club, and all over the world there are non 1%er clubs, my dad is road captian for a local vet club which is not a 1% club but real none the less , they did get permission from the local 81 to fly colors when they started, and have been doing so since, their club is real and respected by the local 81, i know this because my dad has been affiliated for my entire life and then some and so am i and proud to be a supporter of both clubs

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You can't be ha and ld...only a poser if you claim both..or a complete idiot...even these ass clowns know better than to claim 81!! Ha would rape ld and then party at their club house!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I didn't know the HAs were rapist? I thought they were just guys who liked to hang out together and ride motorcycles. I'm so confused by all the different things these guys say. I'm a killer(or rapist), no we're a brotherhood. We give little kids toys ... but then we stab that little bastard in his face and take that Lego set so I can truck some meth in it. But really we just like to hang out and be "brothers" ... wile raping things. Make up your mind... you're either outside the law or not... Idiots!


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