'The Devils Ride': Did Rusty Coones give Laffing Devils MC credibility?

Did the appearance of respected Hells Angel Rusty Coones add to the credibility of the Laffing Devils, or did it take away from the credibility of Coones and other MCs?

Rusty Coones, Hells Angel and president of a California chapter of the world-wide MC, appeared on this week’s episode of the Discovery Channel’s The Devils Ride. With all of the controversy that has flared over the show—are the Laffing Devils a real MC, or are they a made-for-television fictitious club—does Coones appearing on the show add to its credibility, or does it take away from MC clubs’ credibility overall?

In 2006, Bikernet interviewed Coones. The reporter was admittedly intimidated by Coones and the prospect of causing more trouble than he could handle, offering this as a way to assuage any future rumblings:

“I am a little nervous in taking on this task. I do not want to ruffle any feathers. On the other hand, I'm honored to interview the president of the Orange County Chapter of the Hells Angels.”

It is understandable, one would concede, that a person would be nervous about interviewing someone identified so completely with a MC like the Hells Angels, a notorious one-percenter club, capable of who knows what. The American Motorcyclist Association, coined the phrase “one-percenters” when they said that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, while the other one-percent were outlaws who subsequently gave all motorcyclists a bad name.

But, does the association with a television show like The Devils Ride take away from that reputation?

What Is Credibility for a MC?

It is interesting that so many critics of the show seem to consider the Laffing Devils to not be a “real” club simply because they are not one-percenters. Presumably, the majority of motorcylists would not be one-percenters—a full 99 percent, in fact. And, the fact that they never claimed to be a one-percenter club doesn’t seem to assuage the harsh feelings being thrown their way. No doubt anticipating this reaction, producers brought Coones--who also appeared previously on an episode of the FX show Sons of Anarchy--on board for an early episode, hoping this would give their club credibility; it has not worked for many viewers.

But, what does it do for Coones and the Hells Angels?

The Hells Angels are a world-wide organization, with various chapters; Coones was founder of the Orange County chapter and is president of the San Fernando Valley chapter—at least, he was president as recently as August of 2011, according to OC Weekly, where he gave an interview, and talked about how he found his love of motorcycles; his long history with local police; drugs and prison; the bike built for him by Jesse James; and his business, Illusion Motorsports.

It was via Illusion Motorsports that Coones came into the mix on The Devils Ride, giving the Laffing Devils a repo job to complete and, no doubt, prove their worth as an MC. They did complete the task; did it work?

Some Huliq readers do feel that having Coones “vouch” for them by appearing on the show as he did adds to the validity of the Laffing Devils, as comments on a recent story seemed to indicate:


Maybe someone should give that question to Rusty Coones. It's pretty obvious that the LDMC antics have been endorsed and approved by the local 81's.


The guy who sent them to get the bike is a hells angel. Now all u knob slobbers will change ur comments.


Well, all you have to do is google Rusty, pulls up his business and his whole life. Pretty interesting reading. He is the real deal and it appears SOA closely follows his "former" activities...

But, not everyone agreed that Coones’ participation meant a reconsideration of the Laffing Devils’ credibility:


So Rusty was on tv, therefore, FAKE as well...right? If Rusty is HA then the HA has also reached a new low and must be slobbin on the laffing devils knobb as well.

Whether or not the Laffing Devils are “real” or “fake” is hard to say at this time. And, perhaps the participation of Rusty Coones, notorious Hells Angel, does confuse the issue a bit. However, in the end, it is television, “reality TV” or otherwise, and ultimately meant to entertain.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: SOA creator Kurt Sutter tweets opinion of Laffing Devils

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think him being on the show, sends the message that they under the HA wing If the Club is real or made for TV is still in question. But if Rusty says it cool, then it's cool.

Submitted by Bulldog (not verified) on
I agree

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You guys missed the total point why Rusty did what Rusty did. MONEY, PUBLICTY, MONEY, HA's dont do anything that dont benifit them. PERIOD AND FACT! They dont care about you them they or us. They only care about maikn money ANY way they can. And if Rusty has to look like a suck ass to sell more bikes he will. Because in his mind, you cant call him a suck ass! Stop. oh please stop trying to figure it all out. This is only about money. Up and down the line. No matter who goes on that show its about $$$ and you people are dumb enough to buy into it. I will bet all you losers watch Jersey Shores as well.

Submitted by WiSeNhEiMeR (not verified) on
Hey Rusty not Trusty WRITER: You reap what you SOW my man ... Just by BEING here Just by COMMENTING YOU my "dear" are admitting your complicity to the DRAMA & Bovine Defecation :-) Of course it is ALL about the $$$$$ But, then, Y R U Here ??? There ain't no MONEY in it for YOU, is there ? So YOU are just a whore for the DRAMA too Trying to put yourself ABOVE it --- just gets YOU knee DEEP in the same substance ALL of the Hate & Discontent has just convinced ME to watch a Few MORE episodes & YES --- the PLOT seems to be digressing into an OCC Sr. vs Jr. soap opera So be it --- it got both U & Me here, right KNOB Globblers (female of course) WELCOME Richmond Indiana WiSeNhEiMeR @@@@@@@

Submitted by thehideman (not verified) on
Thing makes me wonder...rusty is def. an MC'er no doubt.. but 81 is very territorial, and you never seen him in his cut. 2.. did anyone notice the Mongols cut that was at their "party" its blurred but you can tell its a mongol colors. I still go back to...the whole prez wants a FOUNDING FATHERS colors, because he thinks he is just a "puppet". No.. ant no way... he'd got told to FK off. and to walk by a FF, or retired Prez and not acknowledge them. Everyone knows in the Biker Community its about 1 thing... RESPECT... the only thing that has been remotly correct is when gypsy says he started the club and will burn it the ground... ^5. But still thinking its a $$ fict. club.. I mean really who would let them film church?

Submitted by Keith1450 (not verified) on
I agree, He's doing this for money an free publicity for his business.

Submitted by thelaststripper (not verified) on
I believe you statement is right on the money.

Submitted by psycho (not verified) on
Mr. Rusty Coones was on the show (how much the LD pay to wear a patch in Cal.? probibly more then $650). But prez of LD having a car wash and making $650 to get his chapters respect ? I'll tell the lowest prospects old lady go get me $ 650 n she'll be back in couple hrs. Next they throwing body off boat, Thats when shut off show. Everyone a NOMAD? I understand they can't put California without startinga war. But need to show real NOMADS their respect, I see that patch well.............

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Ok number one billy the prez is a strait bitch..im from pa and that dude and club would gettn eatn alive...and what they did to gypsey is total disrespect..they put nomad on their cut becouse they all bitches fuck the laghing devils....L..F...F...L 36......IF YOUR GOING TO BE A REAL CLUB CLAI. YOUR STATE YOU FUCKN FAG FUCK ALL U LAGHING DEVIL CUNTS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Wtf really I would have done nothing different even though GIPSY stepped down he didn't step out till he got plunked out by a lil bitch that was given power by the all mighty gipsy the FOUNDER of the club to be dissed ..... Really wtf ... Bitchez


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