'The Devils Ride': Discovery Channel's latest leap into reality television

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Discovery Channel is offering viewers unprecedented access into the Laffing Devils, an exclusive California motorcycle club, in this latest reality show offering.

Last night, Discovery Channel gave viewers of Deadliest Catch a sneak peek at their latest reality offering, The Devils Ride, scheduled to premiere next week, Tuesday, May 8, at 10 p.m. (E/P). The new show will take viewers on an unprecedented ride with San Diego’s Laffing Devils, an area motorcycle club. Viewers will be interested to see the world of motorcycle clubs from the inside, and may find that the internal workings of the club are much different than what they had pictured in their minds, including biker stereotypes.

UPDATE: The Devils Ride takes off on the Discovery Channel

As a “founding father” of the Laffing Devils, Gipsy is a former Marine and part-time bounty hunter. As the size of the Laffing Devils membership grows, Gipsy is faced with the task of trying to balance pressure from older members, who wish to maintain the old-school status quo, while newer, younger members push to put their own stamp on the way things are done—particularly Billy the Kid, who is waiting for his chance to be the “top devil” in the chain of command. And, while Gipsy and Billy may not take viewers by surprise with their daily careers and dispositions, Snubz will no doubt surprise and intrigue viewers, with his degree in finance and full-time corporate position.

Member Hawkster owns the unofficial homebase of the Laffing Devils, which doubles as his auto body shop. Police, however, have been putting pressure on the club, and they may be forced to relocate—a financial expense they cannot well afford. Gipsy’s solution to the money shortage is to find work for the Laffing Devils as a security team in a dangerous part of town. But, the move may have unintentional consequences, causing internal conflict and possibly turning members against each other.

Viewers will no doubt be curious as to how a person on the outside becomes a person on the inside, and The Devils Ride will tackle that topic, as well. To become a “real” member, bikers must prove themselves to the club and become “patched in.” Viewers will get a chance to see just what this means when prospect Charles is sent out on an official club task, to protect some of the members’ wives and girlfriends.

The Devils Ride will follow the popular Deadliest Catch next Tuesday, May 8, premiering at 10 p.m. (E/P).

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Video: Discovery Channel, The Devils Ride


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Pathetic show. These are a bunch of fake, wanna be, punk cowards. Id luv to test one of these clowns.

Submitted by odin of asgard (not verified) on
correction,,,, the learning channel in ref to muslims in america , sorry discovery , but still laffing devils are not an outlaw mc, just a bunch of wannabes , your deception is noted by the outlaw community, these twits dont have what it takes to be a 1%er also bounty hunters are not allowed in outlaw clubs,,, geeze will you people stop lying to the public

Submitted by odin of asgard (not verified) on
the mc on their patch stands for menstural cycle, the only thing these wannbes ride are tampons, get real, this is not reality tv

Submitted by Mongoose (not verified) on
I would not ride with the Devils but would ride with the Sin Mob in a minute as long as Gipsy is Prez. I served in Viet Nam with the 5th group and Gipsy appears to have the same values as the brothers I had there. Dont take the show off TV as I always look forward to seeing it. Ride Hard and Fast.

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