'The Devils Ride': Laffing Devils object to Gipsy's new MC plans

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As the Laffing Devils fall apart, prez Billy the Kid wants to expand; what is he thinking?

Since prez Gipsy was unceremoniously discharged from the Laffing Devils, the MC has been on a downhill tumble. Now, not only is the leadership of the new prez, Billy the Kid, and the vp, Snubs, under fire, but there may be a rat.

The question is this: Who cares?

It is hard to imagine what this group of guys could have “hidden” in back rooms of their shiny new clubhouse. Seriously, all the concern about cops and rats is just over-the-top for this over-produced show.

But, it is funny, I’ll give them that.

And, now, not only is Gipsy trying to start another MC, but power-hungry Billy wants a new chapter of the Laffing Devils.

The question here is this: What is he thinking?

At this point, the Laffing Devils are in tatters. The prez cannot control his members. The vp apparently doesn’t comprehend that bringing a car to a MC-sponsored drag race is a no-no. And, the majority of the patched club members do not question the fact—actually support it, it seems—that the prez offered hangaround status to a guy who apparently doesn’t even ride, and ultimately dropped out before being voted out.

And, they are going to expand and start a new chapter of this club?

It’s also rather incomprehensible why the mere presence of Gipsy can just shut down any functioning this club may actually have. At a Laffing Devils-sponsored car wash, Gipsy came down to support Snubs, who was trying to earn respect by earning cash for the club. Prez Billy walked right past him, not acknowledging his presence.

This question: Should there not be some level of respect for not only the former prez of this "brotherhood," but also founding father of the club?

Apparently not.

Gipsy Can Never Start an MC Again?

The Laffing Devils, after tossing him out—let’s face it, had he not turned in his patches, Gipsy was gone, anyway—apparently feel that he should never be with a club again.

“You don’t think it’s slightly disrespectful to start another club, after you just retired from this one?” Diamond demanded of Gipsy. “You do realize that if you start another club, you’re no longer retired, right? To me, that makes no sense whatsoever.”

Not being on the inside of the MC lifestyle, admittedly, Diamond’s attitude makes no sense to me whatsoever. But it apparently does from his point of view, if not Gipsy’s.

“I’m not doing it to be disrespectful,” Gipsy explained to Diamond. “I’m doing it to continue on with me. I’m starting something that’s different.”

Of course, choosing red and grey as his Sinister Mob Syndicate patch colors does look like a direct dig on his old club.

“In our world, a club has their own colors, they are for a specific reasons,” Danny Boy explained in a camera cameo. “They use them. Nobody else should be using those colors.”

Gipsy obviously does not care about what the Laffing Devils think; whether or not he will care about what other clubs in the area think is yet to be seen. But, it’s hard to believe, really, that any serious trouble that may come his way will come from his former brothers. They’ve never claimed to be a 1% club, and it seems unlikely that, under their current leadership, they are going to start down that road now. But, then again, there are a few troublemakers in the club; time will tell.

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Go Gipsy (not verified) on
Gipsy is a pretty cool dude. His idea of a MC is great. He isnt looking for a bunch of hoodlums that want to cause trouble. He wants a crew to ride with, that protect each other, and go out and have fun. Billy's idea of growing the LD just for growths sake is going to be the end of the club. The LD need to get rid of their P and VP and brink the club back to a cohesive group before they self destruct. Danny Boy has a good head on his shoulders and should be P. There are a few founders/old timers that would be a good VP.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree!! If I were a Pres of a club, mc or whatever, and I CHOOSE to step down. Why should I dissolve my membership? I am being essentially forced to turn in my colors, my identity as a member. Then I'm going to do something else for myself. I chose to step down, not leave completely. If I'm going to be voted out, I'll leave and start another club elsewhere. Sorry, just my 2 cents

Submitted by iamike (not verified) on
Nice cover up with the harley symbol tat, I wondered why a white guy needs white ink. you might want to roll in the dirt a little your four or five year old cuts dont have any road grime. why was the secret meeting for the new club at the same place where the laf devils founded thier club? this show is like a game of whats wrong with this picture,so far its been almost everthing

Submitted by iamike (not verified) on
rusty iron pigs or bad actors its a poor b-movie but laffing mao comedy this show is like wwf wrestling and nascar combined the most used phrase at a nascar race is"WHERE'S JUNIOR". in this show its i still have not seen the devils out on the road riding as a club on the show. they should change the name to The Devils Not Riding.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
As others have said, the LD's are NOT a 1%er club! Not one of them are rockn 1% diamonds on any of their cuts, they've never claimed to be a 1%er club either. Just a regular MC club. I've worked in tv production and yes, when ever a "Segment Producer" or a "Segment Writer" etc gets involved their job is to work with the talent to write and dramatize the show for tv so yes some of it is written. And as far as SOA goes, it is a very well written show. Sutter worked very hard to get a true to life portrayal as possible of a 1%er club because NO 1% club is ever going to let an outsider/tv crew in on their illegal activities. But at the end of the day, S.O.A. IS A DAMN TV SHOW, its supposed to be dramatic, its not a documentary! Devils Ride on the other hand is but they've never stated they're 1%ers. Should try to take it all w/ a grain of salt because the writers/producers will always ramp it up for the viewers. Its just TV, lets not get our panties in a bunch!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well said.....Its just a show for entertainment...and it is entertaining.....

Submitted by Mike Williams (not verified) on
1% ers! lol, is the whole biker world about killing? I could shoot you and then i get that death sentence from the da! wow, u knuckleheads never learn! oh well, keep doing what ya do and u will keep riding steel bars! don't think, just act should be 1% motto

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Honestly billy disrespected Gypsy first by demanding he turn in his patches, Gypsy stepped down as P he did not quit the club. So the way i see it Gypsy is free to start another club and personally i hope he does because billy and his crew forgot what ridding and being a brotherhood is all about (being in a club is about respect and honor) not getting hammerd and fighting all the time. Gypsy me and my club have a lot of respect for you brother.

Submitted by dragon (not verified) on
I've been riding longer than all the guys in Laffing Devils have been alive, I'm a vet and a hard core rider! It makes me laugh how childish your treatment of Gipsey is! Past pres and no respect! What's the matter the new officers, afraid that his starting a new club will cancel thier show? There is always room for a new MC Club as long as it sticks to being peaceful, you guys dont have a patent on MC clubs! It's the petty bickering that keeps me a solo rider..Get on your hogs and ride and enjoy, stop the BS

Submitted by Laughing on Eas... (not verified) on
I just want to know how they can ride around town without getting beat up by the other clubs.... Everyone know real MC would never air thier biz on a tv show.....I wonder how they landed a show...probably because no other mc are that stupid....Hey, I guess you have to earn a living somehow..I hope they get medical and life insurance offered....LOL


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