'The Devils Ride': Laffing Devils vs. Sinister Mob Syndicate?

Are the Laffing Devils and Gipsy's new MC going to go the way of the Teutuls on American Chopper?

A recent comment by a Huliq reader predicted an American Chopper-esque split of the Discovery Channel show The Devils Ride:

I already see where this is going. Gipsy quits the LD's, starts another club, one that rivals the LD's, those loyal to Gipsy also quit the LD's (most likely the ones who didn't vote for Snubz as new V.P. will join Gipsy) continual trash talk, another major 1%er club steps in and takes the LD's cuts and Gipsy's new clubs cuts!
This is going in the same direction as American Chopper and Miami Ink.

Could this prediction be in the early stages of being fulfilled already?

Gipsy, former prez of the Laffing Devils, not content, apparently, with now being a bounty hunter, announced that he misses the brotherhood he found early on with the club he created, and intends to give it a go once again—just not with the Laffing Devils.

New Laffing Devils prez Billy the Kid has turned into a power-hungry wimp of a leader. He cannot control his members, because they obviously do not respect him. Why should they, when the only way he could “prove” his control over the MC is to disrespect the former prez and founding member, and unceremoniously toss him out of the club? Sorry, but if that is “brotherhood,” I would hate to see what his idea of disrespect is.

Before going through with his plan to start a new club, Gipsy did speak with an old friend, Fuzzy, who he identified as having been involved with the MC community for a long time.

“I miss the brotherhood. The laughter, the having a good time, the honesty, no secrets, no nothing, just straight up honesty and respect for each other,” Gipsy said to the camera.

Gipsy's New MC Idea

Discussing the concept of starting a new club, however, friend Fuzzy didn’t appear enthusiastic.

“Well, you’ve been down that road before, you know the drill on everything, you know nobody’s gonna give permission, it’s more of a courtesy thing, letting all the other clubs know you’re presenting it, bringing it out,” Fuzzy said when Gipsy first brought up the idea, adding, “It’s just, you know, we’ve already got, like, 50, 60 clubs out there already, but, hey, it’s the club life.”

Still, speaking in a camera cameo, Fuzzy didn’t seem to warm to the idea.

“I think Gipsy needs to think the of the pros and cons that may occur with it, and I think he should take his time with it,” he said.

And, although Gipsy said he was going to think very hard about the plan, and that he had a “long road” before going through with the idea, he appeared to have moved on it almost immediately—at least, in reality television time.

Now, Gipsy is out recruiting new members for the “Sinister Mob Syndicate,” building a brotherhood and designing patches. His first member, friend and former Laffing Devils VP Bubba, agreed to be a part of the new club, as long as they learned from the mistakes they made with the Laffing Devils.

“I’d rather have 10 members for 20 years that are worth a ####,” Bubba said, "than get 100 members.”

“Quality over quantity,” Gipsy agreed.

Of course, if that doesn't work out, perhaps bounty hunter Gipsy could get a spot with The Dog?

So, is this a new direction for the show, as well as Gipsy (if, of course, a show this new can have a “new direction”), possibly mimicking the father-son split on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior? And, while Gipsy is starting up his new MC, are the Laffing Devils imploding, admitting hangarounds who don’t even ride and questioning the judgment of the new prez?

Stay tuned.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel, The Devils Ride

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Submitted by Bikewriter (not verified) on
A total work of fiction designed to appeal to viewers of other scripted "reality" programming. Don't waste your time.

Submitted by anonamus (not verified) on
Remember this...All those tough wanna be 1%ers are either dead or in jail!!!!!!

Submitted by anonamus (not verified) on
Remember this...All those tough wanna be 1%ers are either dead or in jail!!!!!!

Submitted by anonamus (not verified) on
Remember this...All those tough wanna be 1%ers are either dead or in jail!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
...what was it I was supposed to remember?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
When this all went down I too thought, WTF, Why is Billy the KId doing what he is doing, where is the respect for the former Pres and founder? There is no brotherhood, it's about power and what you wear on the front of your cut. I wish Gipsy would of let it go to vote, " end of Billy the Kid", my respect for this man is now zero. I hope Gipsy takes it slow and easy with his new club, goes through the process, he is respected among the MC community with Dago.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
"Gypsy is respected in the MC community?!?!" WTF are you talking about? Nobody in the MC community knows him... and this comedy isn't going to help. This show is completely fake. Why would Dave Perewitz... one of the most famous bike builders in the world (who is from New England) have a bike in Vegas that needs to be Repo'd? Fuzzy is an actor... few people around San Diego know him. .. and the tall, long hair guy that met Gypsy and Bubba at 'The Alamo' to talk about the new club has been on friggin' SOA. Enjoy it for what it is... a bunch of tools selling out to make a comedy... it's 100% fake. Come to SD Harley on Sunday... there's a 'real' club hosting a ride there... see how they conduct themselves.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The bike builder and fuzzy are both hells angels smart guy.. not actors.. but couldnt agree more that this show is totally scripted and stupid.. but all these new wanna be clubs in san diego are more drama than a salon full of rich bitches!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
"Bike builder" meaning Rusty? I know who he is... as does anyone else involved with MC's. Dave Perewitz, "The king of flames", would never have a bike repo'd. It's like they're rubbing in our faces how phony this is... he's been on those stupid Bike Build Off shows for Chrissakes. If Fuzzy is HA... I didn't know that. Fact is... he is an actor as well as the long hair gimp asking Gypsy about "problems with the LDMC" at dinner. Actors are real people and these guys could be involved personally with Gypsy... but I still call bullshiat. I also know things about this situation that others have mentioned or alluded to... so it's not a big secret that this is a fame/money grab by the people involved. What a bunch of tools.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
No Fuzzy is the real deal. San Diego Chapter HA. But this show, ALL the guys are a joke. Left over losers from many other clubs. Some of them have bounce from one loser club to next so many time they needed a TV show so they can remember what club they are in this week. Not a one of them and I mean not a one of them are worth two cups of piss! And I would stand up against any of them. And have. Hell 1 peckerwood took out 3 of them, took all their cuts, then the "oh so tuff" LD's called the police like bitches! Ha ha ha ha.


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