The Devils Ride season finale ends with near slap-fight at Laffing Devils clubhouse

The Devils Ride rode out Season One on the Discovery Channel, promising that Season Two will start off with a bang or, at least, a good smack.

It is over: Season One of the Discovery Channel biker show The Devils Ride is over.

And it is an undisputed hit.

With a reported 2 million+ viewers per week, The Devils Ride was expectedly renewed by the Discovery Channel, and will be bringing more of the Laffing Devils to the TV show masses in Season Two, whenever that will be. Not surprising, considering this is one of the most entertaining reality television shows out there right now, if not the serious, dark look into outlaw biker clubs it was hyped to be before premiering six shows ago.

Fans are no doubt looking forward to finding out just what kind of turn the dispute between former Laffing Devils prez and founding father Gipsy and the rest of the Laffing Devils MC will take. After taking a entourage to Gipsy’s house—an interesting move, considering the fact that the Discovery Channel did confirm to Huliq that Gipsy’s wife is a San Diego police officer—Gipsy was enraged and determined to get revenge. Going to Gipsy’s home did seem kinda goofy, particularly over Laffing Devils “records” or “paperwork” or whatever it was prez Billy the Kid was after—what kind of “paperwork” and "records" could the Laffing Devils have that was so valuable, anyway? Copies of orders to fill the clubhouse Coke machine? Videos of the annual Laffing Devils Father's Day picnic and barbeque?

Regardless, Gipsy and his motorcycle gang of two followers were determined to take matters into their own hands and get, yes, revenge on the Laffing Devils. Deciding he was going to prove his fearlessness, Gipsy strolled into the Laffing Devils clubhouse sans his officers, and started busting up the place. Well, he smashed some empty beer bottles or something with a bat just outside the door, anyway. The Laffing Devils flew into action, closed the clubhouse door and, for a few tense moments, it appeared a major slap-fight might ensue. But, alas, no. After smashing a group of what appeared to be speakers, Gipsy exited the clubhouse, while the Laffing Devils seethed, vowing revenge but doing nothing.

“Gipsy does not have a chance in **** to shut this club down,” Billy the Kid said in a camera cameo. “Not a chance in ****.”

Well, he’s right about that; the only thing that will shut down the Laffing Devils is a downward spin in the ratings, and that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

Bugs Bunny Meets Laffing Devils?

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” Danny Boy declared after Gipsy left the Laffing Devils clubhouse unscathed.

Well, okay, that’s not exactly what he said; but, the comic relief of his statement, “This town ain’t that big,” well, it was hard not to draw that comparison.

By the way, although many may think that quote comes from some well-known classic western, it actually comes from Bugs Bunny Rides Again, according to Wikipedia. "No one dares to challenge Yosemite Sam except Bugs,” the encyclopedia website explains in a detailed synopsis of the 1947 Warner Brothers short, “sporting a cowboy hat and rolling a cigarette. After a brief silence, Bugs replies ... 'I aims ta ...' As they march toward each other, Bugs breaks the fourth wall and says to the audience, 'Just like Gary Cooper, huh?', and then draws a carrot instead of a gun. Sam declares, 'this town ain't big enough for the two of us!'"

Seems appropriate.

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikipedia

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Submitted by coolbreeze (not verified) on
What patched biker can walk into another club's house by himself, threaten to burn the place down and ride away untouched? In my world, the body never would have been found. This show has to be scripted. If so, here's what happens. Gypsy's show of balls earns the respect of other LD members. Billy's lack of balls dooms him. LD club disbands and many come over to the Sin Mob. Really, who would you rather ride with, Billy the deuschebag or Gypsy? RIP Juice

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
ONly when that patched rider does it in front of a WHOLE camera crew in a scene that is gonna be played on NATIONAL Television does that work. Plus What person who is married to a police officer can actually go ahead and tresspass and commit a crime with out repercussions?? Of course this is all scripted otherwise the guy sandman punched in the van could of got out and sued the club I mean it was all on tape.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The guy in the van was an on staff producer who was delivering dirty ashtrays for the Laughing douchebags to clean out for a real 1% club.

Submitted by Ron in Texas (not verified) on
A macho soap opera! As meaningless as it is, its entertaining for an hour. If i were an actor on the "soap", id rather ride w Gyp any day. Billy boy looks like a Jewish accountant!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
"In my world, the body never would have been found"....dude you watch too much TV

Submitted by Laughing at the... (not verified) on
You're right more than likely scripted... I'm not a biker, I don't own a bike, in fact in live in the LEO world and I have to say SNUBBS showing up in his Cadillac to the race was freaking hilarious! Someone even said Snubbs was a manager at Target... Now ...that was from a forum, but it wouldn't surprise me at this point. The real bikers have to be getting a kick out of this comedy..... and "Billy's Leadership" So to answer coolbreeze's question: Really, who would you rather ride with, Billy the deuschebag or Gypsy? ummm That would be Gypsy!

Submitted by Biker (not verified) on
This show is a Joke I would not ride with these Lady s lol.....I think the woman in this series are more bad ass than the punk men. If this were a real MC someone would have got their ass kicked to say the least. Take away all the bikes and give them skateboards!!!!

Submitted by buttrubber (not verified) on
Hey retard. What do you mean "in your world " are you a gangster I bet you have a moped and just watch sons of anarchy. Just suit acting hard moron.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You never let some one come on your turf, talking trash, break stuff in your clubhouse, and walk out with no repercussions. That is exactly what happened. Gypsy came in there by himself and punked them. It sucks the Juice is gone. I liked him the most. He was trying to straighten himself out.


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