The Devils Ride into sunset on Season One finale tonight

The Devils Ride had a short first season, but does that mean the Laffing Devils won't be back for Season Two?

UPDATE: The Discovery Channel has confirmed that, yes, there will be a Season Two for The Devils Ride.

Original Article:

The Devils Ride has had a short ride in its first season on the Discovery Channel. After only six episodes, the season finale is airing tonight. But, fans should not see this as an indication of how the show is doing, or whether or not it will be back for a Season Two. Simply, as a new show, it was probably just granted a short run, to see how it would fare.

It seems to have fared quite well.

There has been much controversy about the Discovery Channel show featuring the San Diego MC (motorcycle club) the Laffing Devils. Are they real? Are they fake? Are they 1%? How much of the show is scripted by producers? But, throughout the controversy—and the outright heated arguing—among fans and anti-fans, The Devils Ride became a hit for the Discovery Channel. So, it seems unlikely that the Laffing Devils won’t ride again for a second season, even though, among lovers and haters alike, consensus among Huliq readers is that the Devils are, well, fake:

  • FHM: “The Laffing Devils may be "real" like the "Real Housewives Of...." are real housewives, but the TV show is not. I watched last nights episode and there are so many obvious "errors" in the show, it's "laffable". But Kurt Suter, HA and the Discovery Channel know when to ride the popularity of "outlaw gangs" and make money off the knuckleheads who can't tell the difference between real and fake. I say more power to them...”
  • Anonymous: “What's up with the tennis shoes? And a hang around that doesn't ride? And a Prz that comes to a meet in cage? silly show”

The official Discovery Channel Facebook page for The Devils Ride stays busy, with more than 28,000 fans at this writing. Fans can find links to all kinds of videos, as well as fun tools, such as “The Devils Ride Biker Name Generator.” Just type in your real name, answer a few pertinent questions (type of bike, number of brothers, how much leather is in your wardrobe), and the BNG will shoot you your own biker name. And, yes, people are using it (And, yes, I tried it, and it named me “Moose,” so, no, I’m not a fan of the BNG).

The Devils Ride Season Finale Tonight

Tonight, the Laffing Devils say goodbye to one brother, and things get more heated between Gipsy and his former brothers. After the show, fans can actually visit Facebook and join in on a live chat with Gipsy after the East Coast finale (11 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. PST). Plus, video clips of deleted scenes are available on Facebook, for those who just cannot get enough of the Laffing Devils.

The season finale of The Devils Ride airs tonight on the Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. E/P.

Stay tuned.

Image: Discovery Channel

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Submitted by Joy (not verified) on
I really love the show... well I guess I love Gipsy & Sin Mob.... The Laffing Punks not so much..... Next season needs to be more about Gipsy & Sin Mob..... I think I speak for a lot of fans out there when I say we are just sick of Billy....

Submitted by apache (not verified) on
gipsy the man we need more of him and sin mom=b

Submitted by Capnkelly (not verified) on
For a "reality" show...they sure do have a lot of different camera angles for these so-called private meetings.

Submitted by jmgjr (not verified) on
By taking 5 patches to Gypsy's house which he Damn well knew was likely to have kids in it after dark is such a heinous, unforgivable violation of any walk of life's ethical code including motorcycling that it's unbelievable Billy ever pinned the ladder to a place of prominence. He turned the patches he made go with him into punks by association and he embarassed the people who raised him. You never, ever, put kids in the line of fire when it can be avoided, and certainly not over some files and gear. Worst punk move I've seen on TV. Far outstripping the Cornelia Marie captain that tried to get a deckhand arrested over a minor misdemeanor because he felt disrespected after doing a lousy job.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
That whole scene at Gypsy's house is obviously fake. Most of the show is fake, count how many different cameras are on them, or already there when they "arrive". I just can't tell how much is, but a lot of the "plot line" scenes are obviously fake, like when Gypsy shows up and confronts his old club with the bat. They close the door and poof, a camera is inside for their private argument. So fake, or the repo of the bike in Vegas. They were faking all of that. Too many camera angles like a previous poster said. I have to say its kind of entertaining though.

Submitted by Al (not verified) on
Just so you know it's not unheard of for Discovery Channel shows to have 3-4 camera operators on location at once. HD cameras are cheap nowadays not like the old days where cameras were $100k a pop, now they are shooting these docs with $2000 prosumer cameras so they can afford to have 3-4 maybe more camera ops on location at once.

Submitted by Bretto (not verified) on
Not to mention the guy they repo'ed the bike from has been on Discovery channel before for building bikes. And oh my god the boxing match was funny. The only thing missing was the foot stomping that tv wrestlers do when they "hit" someone.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anon, just as what I thought too. If the LD's 'suddenly' arrive at the house, then how come there is a large camera crew rolling before the activity? Never the less, find it like a soap opera (ala pro wrestling format) for us guys. (lol)

Submitted by sbarnes (not verified) on
What a punk!! Going to a guys house where his kids are is about as low life as it gets. Show up at my house and pull that stunt and Billy and the crew get a shot gun, they all die.

Submitted by Jipper (not verified) on
If the Laffing Devils are a real MC then they really sold out by doing this show and acting like a bunch of idiots. When Tommy Quinn AKA "Gypsy" looses control of the club he started and was then President of he steps down and hands the patch to his VP Billy the Kid who then promptly relegates the former Prez and founding member to "Retired Member"and says he cant have anything to do with the club anymore. Yea that would really happen. So after a while Gypsy gets bitter and lonely and misses hanging out with his biker buddies so he forms Sinister Mob Syndicate MC, a rival club to the Laffing Devils MC that he also founded. Funny that the Trade Mark for the Sin Mob patch is not only registered under Tommy Quinn but Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC. Check it out on look up sinistermobsindicatemc. Pretty soon anyone with $300 well be able to buy their own customized Sinister Mob Syndicate MC cut with their very own road name on it from I wonder why Rusty Coones would agree to appear on the show being as he is a well known Hells Angel and last I heard president of the SFV Chapter. I'm not gonna question his motives on anything. I do believe that the show however is an Operation Repo style Fake Reality TV show.


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