Diggers search for Hatfields and McCoys artifacts in Kentucky

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Ringy and KG will try to uncover new clues about the infamous Hatfields and McCoys feud in Kentucky, and will then travel to the Big Easy to find golden nectar on the National Geographic Channel.

KG and Ringy are on the hunt again this week, wielding their metal detectors for National Geographic Channel’s Diggers in Kentucky, to learn what they can about the legendary Hatfields and McCoys feud, and then it is off to New Orleans, where they hope to load up on gold coins.

Hatfields vs. McCoys

The infamous Hatfields and McCoys feud has fascinated onlookers for years—Ringy and KG included. This week, the two metal detecting enthusiasts are doing their part to learn more about this curiosity in American history, when they head to Kentucky to see just what they might be able to turn up from a hillside near the McCoy homestead. According to National Geographic Channel:

KG and Ringy are in Kentucky at the site of one of the most infamous feuds in American history: the Hatfields and McCoys. Remains of the cabin where the McCoy family lived and artifacts from the site of the 1888 New Year's Day showdown had never been uncovered: until now! Join in the hunt as they scour the hillside near the homestead and uncover bullets fired during the battle: a rare find unlike anything before.

Golden Nectar

Next, the guys will head to New Orleans, hoping for nectar in the form of gold, specifically gold coins. According to National Geographic Channel:

KG and Ringy are in New Orleans, and they've got one thing on their minds: gold coins, baby! They've found plenty of gold, but never in coin form. The hunt is on! First stop is a plantation house with a colorful history, but will the yard deliver the sweet nectar the guys are hoping for? And near the French Quarter, KG and Ringy visit a house with a front-row seat to the Mardi Gras parade, which means it's a highly trafficked area, and they're champing at the bit to detect it.

What will the beeps reveal for these dedicated Diggers this week?

Stay tuned.

Diggers airs on National Geographic Channel on Tuesdays at 10 and 10:30 p.m.

Image: National Geographic Channel

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