Do Dual Survival partners Cody and Joe even like each other?

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Fans expect their styles to clash, but is there something else going on this season between the hosts of the hit Discovery Channel series?

Thus far on the new season of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival, partners Cody and Joe have been rather civil with each other. They have, yes, butted heads over a few points—Cody was really obstinate regarding his view of Joe drinking his own urine, for example, and Joe was adamant last week that the rattlesnake he uncovered must be killed immediately, for their safety as well as for food. But, overall, they have been feeling each other out as would be expected of two people who have just been thrown together and expected to save themselves out in the wild.

All the niceties may go away this week, however, according to the Discovery Channel:

Isolated in the jungle of an uninhabited Hawaiian island, Joe and Cody lock heads over priorities. Cody battles the dangers of dehydration searching for water and fire-making tools, while Joe gears up for mortal combat with aggressive feral boars.

A Different Vibe This Season

It should be expected that two people with backgrounds as different as Cody and Joe’s would be arguing frequently, if not constantly. Dave and Cody argued all the time—the “hillbilly” and the “hippie,” as fans will recall the two often joked. But, there was never any sense of animosity between the two. This season, however, there is definitely something in the air between Joe and Cody. Oh, Cody has praised Joe again and again for his service to his country, and he has given him props for having the skills to get them away from things like poachers in South Africa. And, likewise, Joe has acknowledged Cody’s life skills and obvious ability to survive in places like the desert terrain he often professes to love so much. But, it is hard to miss that there is something underlying all of that praise. In fact, there is at least one question fans will no doubt begin to ask soon:

Do Cody and Joe really even like each other?

Similarities and Differences

Cody and Joe have different things they bring to the table. And, these similarities and differences could be good for their partnership and good for the show. However, if the tension that has been evident in the first episodes is ongoing, well, it is hard to imagine how that is going to be good for anybody by season’s end.

Let’s hope things begin to gel between the two soon, and it becomes clear just what is being brought to the table for fans to enjoy.

Stay tuned.

Dual Survival airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

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Submitted by Carl smith (not verified) on
Get Dave back Cody and Dave tag team partners mr perfect that got rid of Dave I would like to dig into your past,first one without sin cast the first stone get some of that, get Dave back

Submitted by sugarbabe (not verified) on
The new dual survival is such a disappointment I don't see how it will ever keep the ratings for another season. It is a real let down for it's fans. I'm so tired of joe's language and him telling how great he is.thanks for serving our country,but get over yourself and move on.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with sugarbabe. I am so annoyed with this guy (Joe) and his constant "chest puffing" that I will probably be tuning out. In my opinion Joe is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Not happening. Maybe he should be crowing on "Doomsday Preppers".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
If you can't say something "nice", then don't say anything at all! Turn the channel! We LOVE JOE TETI! For all who are complaining about him, believe me, there are several more that feel the same way we do! Best choice ever! If I could attend one of his survival classes, the cost would not be an issue. As for slaying the wild boar, do some research! We are huge animal lovers, but these beast are destroying a great part of our country, pasture lands, etc. They multiply at an extreme rate and can be deadly to not only humans, but other wildlife and pets! We hope Joe is on the show for years to come!!

Submitted by Smokin Joe (not verified) on
If you have been reading all of these Huliq articles and then the comments, you would know that over 90% of the people want Dave back on the show. Go on, check it out. You may feel that way, but the majority don't agree with you and ultimately, that is what will count. The "We" you talk about is in the minority. As far as the wild boar killing, again, maybe you should take the time to read what turned people off. Do some research and read the comments. It wasn't that Joe killed a wild boar. I have yet to see a comment that complained of Joe killing it. It was the way he did it. Stabbing it with his knife and then looking around like some wild animal making sure no one will take his kill. Really? Talk about over-reacting. Sheesh. I'd be surprised if Discovery will bring the show back for another season.

Submitted by BringDaveBack (not verified) on
Loved this show with Dave and Cody. Joe makes the show unwatchable. I'll tune out until they make a change. Poor Cody - we definitely like you, and liked the show with Dave, but can't deal with Joe. Hope someone enjoys this season long enough for them to replace Joe. Til that happens, TV turns off.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'd like to see your reaction to killing a wild boar by yourself. If it was me I would have definitely been super pumped up, adrenaline pumping and heart racing, who knows what I would've done or anybody would've done! Cody is great and so is Joe, I love the show I like it way more with Joe on instead of Dave. I seen something that said it was cancelled I sure hope not because its one of my favorite shows! There back and forth is great. It has taught me a lot, it'd be cool to have a normal person along with Joe or Cody and let them teach them and see how they react. I'd try out for that for sure!

Submitted by Smokin Joe (not verified) on
The reaction was from someone who was in the Special Forces and fought and most likely killed enemy troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm not sure killing a wild boar would be more adrenaline pumping and heart racing than that. Maybe if the show started out with Joe people would feel different. However, Dave won over most of the TV viewers with his common man personality. He made a mistake, who hasn't. His mistake didn't hurt or affect me in any way. People embellish on their resume all the time. I think Cody had more to do with Dave leaving the show than Discovery did.

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