Doomsday Preppers: Voices tell woman to get ready for deadly comet

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If you thought you'd seen it all on Doomsday Preppers, watch National Geographic Channel tonight and hear what Amanda Bobbin has to say.

Fans of Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel know that preppers have all different reasons for doing what they do, from financial fears to medical catastrophes. This week, prepper Amanda Bobbin lives her days in fear of a comet hitting the earth’s atmosphere.

Some preppers are scared by what they see going on around them. Others have friends who encourage them to get into prepping. And, some simply watch too much television. But, in Amanda’s case, she believes her reason for prepping came to her in a dream. According to NatGeo:

Doomsday Preppers visits the household of Amanda Bobbin, who began prepping after being warned in her sleep of imminent danger. These days Amanda and her husband Scott spend their time hidden away in the mountains, where they practice sustainable living to prepare themselves in the event of a comet hitting the earth's atmosphere.

So, was Amanda warned in her sleep of impending doom streaking towards the earth?

She and her husband, Scott, apparently believe so.

Voices in Her Head

Amanda says that about a year ago, she heard a voice, which she calls “Greta,” telling her to leave the state of Florida and make her way to safety elsewhere. That “elsewhere” turned out to be North Carolina—and the previous owner of the home they purchased had been named Greta. This, the couple indicates, is when they knew what they were doing was meant to be. Additionally, the house, named “Paragon Jewel,” contained hidden prepper stocks—toilet paper, gas masks, clothing, etc.

Convinced that they have been selected for their mission by “Greta,” they are now actively preparing for disaster, continuing the stockpile that was already started for them at Paragon Jewel. In episode “Preppers Paradise,” the Bobbins will reveal their stockpiling and planning to their kids, who will choose whether or not to believe and participate. Additionally, Amanda will demonstrate for viewers how she “channels” Greta via an automatic writing technique.

Stay tuned.

Doomsday Preppers airs on National Geographic Channel on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Image: National Geographic Channel


Submitted by Bruce (not verified) on
I would like to know what brand of foods that were in all of those five gallon buckets. Anyone know?

Submitted by LD (not verified) on
I thought the buckets said "Hannah Mills," but I couldn't find any business by that name. I found the real estate listing for "Paragon Jewel" and can't believe the price was less than a million! It sits on 30+ acres, but is only 11 rooms, not 51. Also, it's not in NC, though it is nearby! I guess the misdirection is to maintain privacy, but I sure didn't take long to find it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I thought this episode of Preppers was awesome. How did you find the prperty? I would love to contact the Bobbins.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Greta says we should come live with you and help you. Hubby can help you learn the ropes of the firearms and the ham radio, I know how to prep and have exceptional organizing skills and I know how to prep ! We too live in the smokies contact us at the mountains 2009 at g mail dot com Scott and Robert will hit it off and we can help you all feel safe and prepared.

Submitted by Eliza (not verified) on
Two of the best things to have stored for a disaster are honey and wheat. Both honey and wheat were found in the Egyptian pyramids; the wheat sprouted after thousands of years and the honey was still good after it was warmed. The wheat can be used for making bread, of course, but it can also be sprouted so you can get your "greens;" and sprouted wheat contains Vitamin C. Greta knew what she was doing.

Submitted by dwayne (not verified) on
i also saw that the paragon jewel was not in n.carolina. if they are going to open their doors when this comet hits how and the heck are we supposed to find also the irish woman did seem a little off her rocker but hey its their house their money and they can do what the hell they want. although it more and likely wont be with their sons.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I just found what looks like the exact house, with the same name, for sale in WV for $729,000 Guess they decided it wasn't worth surviving if the kids wouldn't...BTW, it has listed that all the wiring prep is done for security etc.

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