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Dual Survival coming back for Season Three, but no Dave

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Cody will be back as one half of Dual Survival, but who will be his partner in Season Three?

Discovery Channel announced in a press release earlier this year that the popular Dual Survival would be returning for a third season. However, the announcement was exceptionally vague:

The Odd Couple of the Survival! DUAL SURVIVAL takes two survivalists into the most forbidding terrains in the world where they must overcome all obstacles in order to survive using intuitive tactics and finely tuned skills. Finding food, water and shelter are nothing compare their toughest challenge of all: getting along with one another.

Of course, those who follow the show would expect that the return would include barefoot minimalist and primitive living expert Cody Lundin and Army-trained scout, hunter and sniper Dave Canterbury. However, as indicated on Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School Facebook page, Cody has been paired with a yet-unannounced new partner. Answering questions fans have had, Lundin indicated that who his new partner will be has been a frequent one, and had this to say:

Discovery will announce him as they see fit, however, it is a person who has not been on TV before. He has a pedigree in Special Operations, (20 years) and is an expert in unconventional warfare. Discovery has vetted him, I have vetted him, and I have looked through his credentials, a folder one inch thick with diplomas, awards, schools, etc.... bad Mo Fo who has done great service for our country.

Lundin also said that there are 13 scheduled episodes for Season Three, and that he does not know when the new season will begin to air, but that, “rumors are early winter. I'll keep everyone posted.”

It is hard to imagine a new pairing for Dual Survival that could be as interesting as Cody, the “barefoot hippie” and Dave, the “hillbilly.” Part of the thing that made the show so interesting was watching Cody and Dave, such complete opposites, build a trust and a friendship; that will no doubt be missed.

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Did Cody, Joe turn trust-building corner in Hawaii?

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
sure will miss the big hillbilly and his skills,cody seems like he can get along with anyone he's paired with and is a great survivalist himself so the show will still work out

Submitted by GW (not verified) on
If I may quote your article, "Army-trained scout, hunter and sniper Dave Canterbury," is the reason Canterbury is no longer there. He was neither a scout nor sniper. He lied about his military background, which is why he was fired. He had also claimed to be Ranger, Air Assault and Airborne. He was none of these. It is honorable to serve in any capacity, but not to lie about what you did.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What is your source for this information?

Submitted by GW (not verified) on
His actual military records. He did not just lie about being a Ranger, he lied about being Airborne, Air Assault and an Army Sniper. His records are available at the POW Network. Do a search for David Canterbury.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
If you dont know what in the hell you are talking about dont post anything. I looked up Dave Canterbury on POW Network and they show no results for his military record. He didnt lie about being an army sniper, he was trained for two weeks as a sniper but didnt finish the course. Along withmany other things was trained on but didint finish.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i think a great pick would be Les from survivorman,doing survivorman alone was just too much work for him and i think he and cody would get along pretty good together,i'd stay away from military types they just arent going to mesh well with a hippie

Submitted by Sessh22 (not verified) on
Apparently, the only thing Canterbury lied about was being Ranger qualified as he has no such qualification or training.

Submitted by Claybird (not verified) on
I really don't care if Dave lied about some of his training or not. Dave and Cody worked great as a team, both of them were very knowledgable about what to do if I fact you were stranded out in the wild. I'm very disappointed that Dave is no longer part of the cast. Hopefully the ratings will reflect this as well. Good luck to Dave and Cody even though they are going in separate directions.

Submitted by GW (not verified) on
"I really don't care if Dave lied about some of his training or not." And, therein lies the problem. No one cares about integrity anymore.


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