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Dual Survival: Fans will decide if Cody's new partner 'works'

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Fans of Dual Survival anxiously await the Discovery Channel unveiling of Cody Lundin's new partner.

This season, Cody Lundin, host of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival, will be paired with a new partner. At this point, there has been no official announcement as to who that new partner will be, but fans are anxious about having a new partnership guiding them through differing terrains this season. But, it is unlikely that they need to worry; Discovery Channel seems to have gotten the “television survival” formula worked out well with Dual Survival, and it’s likely that success will continue in the new season.

Television survival, as Lundin has written in the past, is, first and foremost, for ratings. Lundin writes on his website, “Now-a-days, to achieve ratings, almost anything goes.” Nature shows, he points out, have become increasingly focused on the host, not the nature. Given this fact, it’s likely that the new host of Dual Survival, while not Dave Canterbury, will have good chemistry with Lundin, as well; it will then, of course, be up to the viewing audience to decide if the pairing works.

Lundin, while fully accepted by the viewers as the “real deal,” has been candid about some of the “incredibly dumb things” he has been asked to do—and has not necessarily done—"by network executives such as purposely fall into cold water and get hypothermic in the name of ‘drama.’” And, many fans are aware of the “eat-a-rat” scene, described by Lundin on his website to give fans an idea about how some scenes on the show are staged:

Once the initial filming has been accomplished in the field, there is nothing that can’t be faked or tweaked to a producers liking in the edit bay back at the production company. No one is willing to risk an entire operating budget to film in Africa and not get what they came for, one way or another. Again, money is the name of the game. In my “eat a rat” video, a production company hired a film crew for specific reasons to film me. It was known beforehand that the intention of the shoot was for me to kill and eat a packrat. As the film crew was being paid and on site for only a day, I had to kill the rat the day before. I placed the long dead rat under the deadfall rock minutes before we shot the scene. It appears that the deadfall trap was tripped and killed the rat…which was the point. Again, almost anything can be done in the edit room with the right footage.

A Perfect Pairing

Much as the show itself is a formula and a money game, so are the hosts. Lundin, of course, is the barefoot, braided, self-styled “hippie” survivalist; the natural partner for him is someone like Canterbury—hardcore, straight-laced and reeking of having been formally trained in a military—or similar—environment. Canterbury was the perfect foil for Lundin. But, as they say, everyone can be replaced, and replace him they have. With who? That is the burning question at the moment.

In a press release, Lundin confirmed that Canterbury has not been a part of Dual Survival since September 2011. And, he expressed confidence in his new partner on the show, saying, “I am proud to work with my new Dual Survival partner as we take the show to even greater levels.” Some may see this as proof enough that the show will indeed be all that it once was and more; others will no doubt see Lundin’s words as press rhetoric, and turn a skeptical eye to the new Dual Survival pairing. Only time—and ratings—will tell who is right.

Stay tuned. And, if you would like to see the "eat-a-rat" scene, check out the video below.

UPDATED: Will fans give Joe Teti a chance?

UPDATED: Dave addresses Dual Survival situation on new YouTube video.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: YouTube


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dave was more realistic, Cody lives in the new age crystal glowing tie die world. Walking around barefoot is idiotic, as we have seen, over and over...right Cody?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
people walked around barefoot for thousands of years, and still do in many areas...our feet have been pampered with shoes for many years. that's exactly what he's talking about.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
People walked barefoot for thousands of years.....because they had no choice! This comment is a classic example of the sort of rampant primitive condescension that is so prevalent in some quarters these days. People lived in mud huts, scrounged for foot daily on the edge of starvation, ate only "natural" foods and didn't wear shoes....because they had no choice! Do you really think if you went back in time and showed some bushman shoes that would prevent his feet from being cut to pieces and gave him a nice modern house with electricity and running water he would choose to live the "natural, primitive" lifestyle? Of course not!

Submitted by pibemolleja (not verified) on
what a nooob.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Your comment is classic example of when shit hits the fan, you'll be so dead, cause you are too used to live in comfort.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yes, and people still drink water directly from dirty streams and worship wood fairies. What's your point?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How is he more realistic? I know cause he lied thats makes him realistic. Cody can survive anywhere Go Cody!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Cody is a dick.He is so full of his self.If it weren't for Dave in some of those episodes Cody would be screwed.Period.The show is going to suck so much without Dave.Was a great show but now it won't make a 4th season.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
CODY is great. Very interesting to watch and he is informative too. I like him. CODY LUNDIN has taught me several survival tools I wouldnt have learned from watching anyone else... AS for DAVE? He is the life of the party. His aggression levels out the show and makes it much more entertaining. I dont know if it was CODY not wanting DAVE in the picture or if it was the PRODUCERS but i think replacing DAVE WILL KILL THE SHOW. I know i probably wont watch it anymore.. Thats sad too because this is one of my favorite shows :(

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dave was "Replaced" because he lied in his resume. He is not an ex-sniper and some of his other credentials could not be verified. That being said I did like the Hippie/Redneck pairing. Personally i think what you know is more important than what you did. I will miss Dave on the show but I still follow him on Youtube.


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