Dual Survival gets stronger as Cody, Joe work together

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As the relationship between Cody and Joe evolves, the new season of the Discovery Channel's Dual Survival is beginning to stand on its own.

Dual Survival is evolving on the Discovery Channel, and the results are starting to look very good.

Last night’s episode of Dual Survival had a different vibe to it than previous episodes. It was not uncomfortable to watch, not in the least. Cody, although reticent to do so, let Joe do the things he has been trained to do over his long career of military service, and both benefitted. In fact, last night it was Joe, not Cody, who carried the brunt of the load in Ecuador’s jungle, and it was nice to see.

It appears that, indeed, this pairing could work out very well.

When the season began on January 1, people were excited to see Dual Survival back, but they were skeptical of the show having a new host. After seeing the first episodes, it appeared that, despite his protests to the contrary, Cody was skeptical, as well. And, as the show progressed, it seemed that the two did more fighting than surviving. Joe had skills to offer, but Cody did not trust him enough to let him contribute. And, it was clear, Cody was determined to be in charge of their ventures, because he felt the only one he could trust was himself, not his new partner. But, their experience in Hawaii does appear to have had lasting ramifications, and they seem to be good ones.

New Season: It Is Working

Many fans have expressed their disappointment at Joe’s contributions this season thus far, but we have to remember that as we watch, Cody and Joe are forming a new partnership, and that is not done overnight, or in just one episode. There is always question about reality shows—how much is real, how much is staged for dramatic effect—but if Cody and Joe went straight from meeting each other to having a perfect partnership, then staging would definitely trump reality on Dual Survival. But, seeing their relationship evolve should be a comforting indication for those who prefer some reality in their reality shows. And, if fans continue to protest that Joe did not demonstrate skills in Ecuador, from building a native-style hammock for the two to sleep above the ground (probably not extremely comfortable, but it looked really cool) to climbing a slippery tree for food (another instance where Cody was completely and loudly opposed to Joe’s efforts, until they proved fruitful), then it is unlikely those fans are going to be appeased by anything he does, which is too bad, because he and Cody are well on their way to building a strong partnership at this point and, it would appear, a strong Season Three for Dual Survival.

“I have to back off, ‘cause he’s a big boy, and let him do his thing,” Cody said, acknowledging the fact that Joe is, after all, a highly trained professional, with skills to bring to the pairing. And, isn’t that the point of Dual Survival, after all? Two people with different skill sets, contributing to different survival scenarios?

Stay tuned, Dual Survival fans; it looks like it is going to work out after all.

Dual Survival airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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