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Fast N' Loud at top of American Chopper: Live Build-Off prank war

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PJD may have taken the build-off trophy, but they were no match for the rookies from Gas Monkey Garage on the prank war field.

Paul Jr. may have won the recent American Chopper: Live Build-Off, but the rookies from Fast N’ Loud definitely took home the (non-existent) trophy for the preceding prank-war.

Part of the fun of the build-off the last couple of years has been the pranks the teams have pulled on each other. With the entry of Richard and Aaron from Gas Monkey Garage into the race, the level of pranking went up a notch—maybe two. The least-skilled of the pranksters, without a doubt, had to have been the build-off winners themselves, the team from PJD. For example, it was hard to understand where they were coming from with their retaliation “prank” on OCC. The OCC crew had pulled off a hilarious stunt, complete with Vinnie eating a cheeseburger in a riveted-out PJDmobile:

In response, PJD basically drove over to the OCC parking lot and crashed the riveted car:

Pretty lame, but, as Senior said, at least they made an effort.

Jesse James is pretty good at running his mouth but, as one would expect, his pranks are typically juvenile in scope—for example, sending a pile of poop to the Gas Monkey Garage:

But, Richard and Aaron’s ultimate retaliation for the prank was a great one:

Even Jesse had to admit that one was funny, and he’s usually a lot better at dishin’ it than he is at takin’ it.

But, the best prank? That had to be, hands down, the Gas Monkey Garage re-creation of the infamous Teutul tift that led to the father-son split:

Junior tried his hand at a PJD Studios version of Fast N’ Loud, but it just didn’t have the same punch as the Gas Monkey Garage parody:

Truthfully, the funniest part about their parody, “The Adventures of Lost and Found,” was the “bling” provided by Gas Monkey Garage via an earlier prank:

Oh, well; again, PJD tried.

But, in the final analysis, the funniest prank has to be the Gas Monkey Garage parody of the Teutuls—great job, guys—followed by the guys at OCC with their “When in doubt, rivet it out!” car. Again, great job!

American Chopper is no more, but fans can catch Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 10/9c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Videos: Discovery Channel/American Chopper; Discovery Channel/Fast N’ Loud; PJD Studios/YouTube

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