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Finding Bigfoot team baits Colorado Rockies hunt with Girl Scouts

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Last night was another one of Bobo's baiting schemes on Finding Bigfoot, this time with the Bailey Girl Scout Troop in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Girl Scouts becoming bait for Sasquatch on Finding Bigfoot?

You just never know what the Finding Bigfoot team on Animal Planet is going to come up with, but using Girl Scouts as bait to get a Bigfoot to come out of the woods in the Colorado Rockies?

And fans thought they had seen it all.

If it was likely that a Sasquatch might come screaming out of the woods in search of Girl Scout cookies, some viewers might have been upset with the idea of “baiting” the creature with little girls. But, you know, fans have been through this baiting scenario before, with no Sasquatch to show for it. So, really, it was just a fun camping trip for the girls, and something they'll be able to brag about to their friends.

Bailey Girl Scout Troop

“I didn’t tell them they’d be bait,” Bobo said of inviting the Bailey Girl Scout Troop along for an overnight Squatchin’ search, “but that’s what they’ll be.”

Ah, that Bobo—ruthless in search of the elusive Bigfoot.

“Bobo may be weird, but he’s not crazy,” Cliff observed. “And, tonight he has another hair-brained scheme that just might work. We’ve used live rabbits, we’ve used live primates, and now we’re using live Girl Scouts, to try and lure the Bigfoot.”

You know, the Girl Scouts obviously were not in danger, but it was still unsettling, hearing the team talk about them as “bait.”

Whoops and Knocks?

Unfortunately—I guess?—the Girl Scout bait did not work. Either there were no Squatches in the area, or they just were not interested in a bunch of little girls around a campfire. Well, Ranae and Matt said they heard a possible Squatch "whoop," and maybe some knocks, but, frankly, with the way the show is shot—at least the audio—I’ve personally never been able to hear anything they claim to have heard, so who knows what they are hearing?

“You know what the problem was,” Bobo joked, “those Girl Scouts really let us down.”

Better luck with your next bait, Bobo.

Stay tuned.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. E/P.

Image: Animal Planet

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