'Finding Bigfoot' team divided on validity of Canadian Rockies video (VIDEO)

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The Animal Planet team is heading to Canada, where they search for “what may be the most territorial Sasquatches on earth” in the Canadian Rockies.

Yet another Bigfoot encounter is caught on tape, luring the Bigfoot Field Research Organization television team to the Canadian Rockies to have a look and determine the validity of the video. However, the video is in question from the beginning, as “Todd’s [the owner of the video] reputation is very controversial in the Bigfoot community,” according to Bigfoot researcher Cliff.

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“I’ll tell you what happened,” Todd says to the group. “My crew and I scouted out this area as a potential Bigfoot ‘hot spot,’ I guess you’d call it. As most people know for Bigfoot, they are nocturnal. And, we found three daywatchers, as we call them, that watch over the main group. We know that when they become alerted to your presence they move back to the main group. So, what were were doing, is we were trying to get as close as we could behind a daywatcher, so when she would come back to the main group, she would have to come back across this rock face, and that was when we were going to videotape her. Something that we didn’t anticipate was when the whole group is alerted to your presence, they don’t just ditch the daywatchers, they come back and make sure they are safe. I believe that was a large male in the video, and what he was most likely doing is standing up to let the daywatcher, the female, come by, and then he got back down and followed her back to the main group. I started to feel a lot of fear at that point, because he was enormous, he was beastly huge. It made me scared, I was afraid, I started to think, ‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?’”

After hearing his story, the group sent their regular Sasquatch stand-in, Bobo, to the area of the cliff seen in the video, to recreate the scene. Ranae, apologetically, said she thought it could be a person in a suit, while Bobo, not shockingly, dubbed it a Bigfoot. Surprisingly, Matt said he believes it is a hoax. “I think that’s a guy in a costume,” he states.

Todd, the owner of the video, says that he understands the doubts, why the team cannot rule out a man in a costume. “It can always be something else. Science needs a body,” he says.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean that the team cannot find their own Bigfoots in the area. Out in the Canadian Rockies wilderness, during a nighttime research expedition, Matt and Bobo are sure they are hearing Bigfoot calls, while Cliff and Ranae initially thinks it is coyotes. Soon, however, the two are turned onto the idea that it could be Bigfoots calling in the night.

Finding Bigfoot airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. (ET) on Animal Planet.

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Video: Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot

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