Gator Boys call in troops for legendary 20-foot gator capture

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After an unusual zombie gator challenge on Animal Planet last week, tonight the Gator Boys find that Mississippi gators can grow to exceptional lengths.

Gator Boys has shifted to Mississippi on Animal Planet, and each week new surprises await the Florida-trained gator-wrestling specialists.

The Gator Boys are finding challenges galore in Mississippi. Last week, it was the “zombie” gator and just getting people into the wrestling shows; this week, it is a gigantic alligator named, “Big Bull.”

Last week, the so-called zombie gator turned out to be a blind alligator. Why was it blind? Who knows; Paul seemed to feel that he was born that way. But, it did have some wild-looking eyes, zombie or otherwise.

Zombie Eyes?

“We didn’t know what ‘zombie eyes’ meant,” Jimmy said, after getting a description from the homeowner’s daughter. “Normal alligator eyes are either black or a darker green.” These eyes, however, were white. As Paul described them, they looked like pearls.

The zombie gator was in the ocean—not a great place for a gator to be, since gators are supposed to live in fresh water. At first, he appeared to be lifeless, but when Paul noosed him, he found a seemingly endless supply of energy. When they got him on the beach, he started going into death rolls, and the trick the guys usually use—having the gator work some of his energy out before getting his mouth taped and putting him into the back of the truck—was not working on the zombie gator. His energy seemed to be going on and on. In fact, it was beginning to look like he really was a zombie gator. No amount of workout seemed to affect him. So, finally, they got some fresh water in him from the homeowner’s garden hose, taped him up, and took him to Gulf Coast Gator Ranch for rehab.

Close Call

Early on, it looked like this gator might not make it. He would not even eat raw chicken when it was placed directly in his mouth—a real indicator that this was a sick, sick gator. But, the newly named Boudreau was tough. After all, he had gotten this far without having any eyesight; a little saltwater was not going to get him down. Eventually, he did begin eating, and his prognosis was good.

“As long as he’s eating we’re fine,” Paul commented.

“It looks like Boudreau the Zombie Gator is coming back to life,” Jimmy concluded.

20-Foot Gator?

This week, the Gator Boys have another gator challenge on their hands, but this gator is not a zombie; this gator is just HUGE. According to Animal Planet:

The Gator Boys search for Big Bull, a legendary 15-foot alligator. After many false leads, they find the mythical beast and realize it is way too big for just the two of them to handle. Paul and Chris battle to know what is better: whips or knives.

Whips or knives?

Stay tuned.

Gator Boys airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATED: Gator Boys prove their gator-catching skills this week by getting "Big Bull."

Image: Animal Planet

Videos: Animal Planet/Gator Boys

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