Gator Boys go after zombie gator in Mississippi tonight

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Will Jimmy and Paul be able to tame a zombie gator on Animal Planet this week?

This season on Animal Planet’s Gator Boys, Paul and Jimmy are really in it up to their necks in Mississippi mud—or, at least, their knees.

Moving to the Magnolia State was not part of the Gator Boys’ long-term plans. But, those plans were altered when their gator preserve was compromised by renovations occurring at the Everglades Holiday Park. The guys love Florida, but their heart is in rescuing alligators. So, when they were invited to Mississippi to work with Gulf Coast Gator Ranch owners Curtis and Allan, they decided they had no choice but to go. Jimmy was more willing to take the leap than Paul, who was unsure about making a move to work for someone else, but, ultimately, they packed up, along with their team, and headed to Mississippi.

And, boy, is it different.

Big Challenges for All

Working for Curtis and Allan is definitely turning out to be a challenge for the guys. It does not seem to be affecting the team as much. After all, they were accustomed to working for someone—Paul and Jimmy. But, for Paul and Jimmy, taking orders from someone else—and being awakened in the middle of the night to go catch a wayward gator (Does anyone appreciate someone banging obnoxiously on their door when they are sleeping soundly after a long, hard day, after all?)—may turn out to be a greater challenge than the bigger, meaner alligators they are finding in Mississippi.

Zombie Gators?

Speaking of Mississippi gators, this week the Gator Boys find a challenge of, well, unique design. According to Animal Planet, they find a gator that may deserve a place among the walking dead. And, as far as challenges go, more than gators are on the agenda for Jimmy, who faces another deadly reptile this week, and Ashley, who takes on a bigger role at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch:

The Gator Boys rescue an aggressive and bizarre alligator with zombie-eyes, and Jimmy clashes with a deadly canebrake rattlesnake. Ashley becomes the new Marketing Director for Gulf Coast Gator Ranch, but struggles to ensure the crowds keep coming in.

Can the team rise up and meet the new roles they have to play?

Stay tuned.

Gator Boys airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

Image: Animal Planet

Video: Animal Planet/Gator Boys

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