Gene Simmons Family Jewels just plotting adoption to boost ratings?

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Is the adoption storyline on Gene Simmons Family Jewels really just an attempt to jump the shark by a sagging TV show?

Gene may be afraid to tell Shannon what he thinks about the adoption situation currently dominating Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E, but Huliq readers are certainly not afraid to voice their opinions.

It seems clear to everyone that Shannon’s desire to adopt another child is not setting well with the family, including Gene, who obviously does not want to become a father for the third time. Yet, she seems intent on bullying her way into having another child around the house, even chasing Sophie into Canada to bring the issue back to the table between mother and daughter. And, as Nick pointed out in his interview with the agency representative, the child would instantly become a part of the Gene Simmons Family Jewels cast. Sure, there are child stars brought into the business all the time, and no telling how many more parents out there shopping their kid around that never make it to the big time. But, will those in charge see this adoption plan as being a true desire for a child, or a stab at the show jumping the shark?

“I hope that they don't actually adopt a child,” one anonymous Huliq reader said. “Between Gene's constant working/ past womanizing and Shannon's attempt to re-live the married life that she couldn't for 28 years, and adult kids not willing to embrace a new brother/sister, there are too many issues to work out betwen the Simmons family members. Plus, mom and dad will be 65/70 by the time they finish High School. The best thing for Shannon to do is to get involved in some kind of children's charity via donations and volunteer time. The future kid would be exposed to the tabloids due to their celebrity parents, and be screwed up by the time they reach age 18. The new adopted kid might have money, but it takes more than cash to raise a normal child.”

Is that what the adoption agencies will see, as well?

“She could do a multitude of things to fill the void in her life,” another reader said. “I have always found her to be all about Shannon - this isn't about helping a child - it's about getting her way -maintaining her youth - all the stars are adopting so she needs to hop on that wagon - you'll be a granny soon Shannon - embrace that and stop with the whining all the time - it's so old.”

Is it, in fact, a star fad she is chasing?

Part of the show is always the family—most often Shannon and/or Gene—talking with their therapist, Dr. Ann Wexler. But, some readers don’t think Dr. Wexler is helping the family work through their problems as much as being a support for Shannon:

“And another thing,” another anonymous comment added, “that shrink - is always siding with Shannon - never questioning Shannon's motives -promoting whatever Shannon wants - she always makes Gene out to be the bad guy - Shannon, time to get off the cross - Your vain and self-serving - I do not know how he tolerates you - your tacky, pushy, and always putting him down - but you like his $$ though! Shannon, your kids are more mature than you are.”

And, as one reader pointed out, the adoption idea is beginning to appear like an expression of Shannon’s loss of her children, who are now out of the house, and the ongoing inability to connect with her husband:

“I’m adopted and I think it's a great thing. However I think Shannon doesn't know what to do with a child to raise. Apparently that is all she and Gene have in common and she cant connect with him unless its thru a child. I feel she needs to talk to the therapist about why she wants to adopt. Clearly Gene doesn't want to and would like this part of their newly, married life to be just about them, which was what I thought Shannon wanted in the first place, right???”

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Still TV

Of course, not all Huliq readers are buying the adoption storyline:

“Um, you all do know this is a completely fake show, right? Fake drama, fake situations, fake fighting. But just like every sagging sitcom in its late run, they gotta introduce a new character to the cast for new storylines. What's next, Gene's old army buddy comes to town, they accidently get handcuffed together and have to attend the big meeting without nobody noticing?”

Not something to dismiss, considering that, after all, this is a reality television show—emphasis on television show. And, as this reader pointed out, the family jewels are losing their sparkle—again, an attempt at jumping the shark?

Will Shannon get her way? Will Gene finally stand his ground? Or, will he let the kids do his dirty work and hope Shannon never watches clips of the show?

Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What was really telling is that when Gene broke this to Rich Abramson, his business partner, he says "Wow, I am starting to see that Shannon gets what she wants when she wants it" or words to that effect. I think that Gene made the biggest mistake of his life by marrying her. He let everyone pressure him into it, especially his kids. Shannon has nothing. No career. No prospects of a career. She appears to have no business acumen. The kids are gone. Kiss continues with no end in sight and Gene has a lot of things in the fire. And a comment was right-the therapist, Anne Wexler, has clearly taken sides. However, the one person who I think acted like a total douchebag is Nick. The kid is truly a complete ass. He did not like that his freeloading ass was kicked out and he blames his mom. He has treated Gene like shit for years. His music career seems to be singing old songs rather than something new and original. But Shannon has a huge case of empty nest syndrome. I actually think that there will be a divorce soon. This is the kicker about her-yes, Gene acted like an overgrown kid in past years. But, she is acting all butt hurt NOW! If this bothered her all along, why didn't she do something about it a LONG time ago? There is a real disconnect between what has been portrayed in Gene's books regarding her knowledge of his manwhore ways and what she throws out in this show. Instead of adopting, she needs to go out and rebuild her life on her own without Gene. Her sister, who I thought was sort of a creep, seems to have done pretty well for herself.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
From what I saw in the latest preview it's pretty clear that (1) this is an attempted ratings booster, or (2) Shannon is just a devious nut! When she starts talking about carrying someone's egg......(I had to laugh really loud given her age) ..and.....saying something to the effect of well if I am pregnant the kids can't object........Really Shannon....what happened to helping a needy child ?? The only needy one appears to be Shannon...She already has everything, why can't she see that?....I can't imagine Gene would be with anyone that was sneaky and self-serving, so I say it's just an attempt at boosting the ratings....if it's for real, we are going to watch our beloved Gene age.....really fast............

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