Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed: Are they together, married or split? (VIDEO)

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Is there really trouble in paradise, or has the Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed relationship simply become more about mugging for the camera and making money via ratings on Gene Simmons Family Jewels than actually relating to each other?

Are Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons together?

Where does the television show end and the real couple begin?

Is there even a real couple between Shannon and Gene at this point?

Are they just business partners?

Is it simply a game?

Frankly, who knows?

Last night, the season finale ended—expectedly—with Gene proposing to Shannon, and, moments later, “To Be Continued” appearing across the screen. But, Shannon apparently did accept at the time—she was wearing that huge diamond in some of the show’s “candid” couch shots, anyway.

But, is she still wearing it?

“I had no idea where he was going with this,” Tweed tweeted, referring to the proposal that aired last night but, of course, actually occurred months ago. “Thank you for watching and supporting me. It means the world,” she followed moments later and, finally concluding, “We are taking it day by day. Stay tuned.”


Gene echoed Shannon’s “day by day” sentiment, tweeting, “Shannon and I work on our relationship every day. One day at a time. Thanks for watching. When we figure out our lives, you will know.”


It is hard to say if this couple is/isn’t together, really, because their entire life is on a stage—and, it appears that is the way they both prefer it. The two made a big deal of showing the world just how rocky their relationship was on various talk shows as the A&E Gene Simmons Family Jewels season began, arguing openly on NBCs Today Show and Shannon stalking off the Joy Behar Show--where Gene also admits that he has had "philandering" ways in the past. “I thought they were kidding,” Behar told Mediaite in an exclusive interview. “Then it got tense.” Subsequent Twitter commentary by both has been non-committal and leading. And, of course, there is the show itself, with Shannon there one minute, gone the next.

Fans of the show have been vocal, with a large group supporting Shannon. Most comments made by fans on Twitter and Facebook are some version of, “It’s about time, Gene!” but whether or not there is anything “real” about the proposal, as romantic and perfectly staged as it was, is yet to be seen. One thing that fans should consider about the “reality” of this proposal is that it was perfectly staged. The couple made a big deal about being alone in Belize, but come on—the camera was right there the entire time. They were never alone. They had the entire world watching—well, at least, the entire Gene Simmons Family Jewels audience. And, really, does anyone believe that Gene had so many perfectly hilarious attempts to propose to Shannon end in failure, before the perfect setting for the final shot of the season, just by accident?

Twirlit online pointed out a photo, taken on July 18 and posted by Shannon on Twitter, where the family looks, well, like a family that is happy to be together. However, the ring on Shannon’s left hand is obviously not the engagement ring Gene presented to her in the season finale last night—it is bright pink. It most likely was a ploy to throw fans off for the, at the time, upcoming season finale, hinting at the ultimate outcome, even though Shannon and Gene have given multiple statements to the media that led audiences to believe that they are no longer together. But, therein lies the problem of trying to figure out what is going on with this couple/family: Their entire life has become staged for television. It’s just not real—they are not real.

As far as the kids, Nick and Sophie, they seem well-adjusted and behaving appropriately for a situation where their parents are splitting up and placing them in the middle of it all. They do appear genuine in their revelations in front of the camera but, then again, let’s face it: They have grown up as the children of Gene Simmons, ultimate spotlight hog, and the idea that they are complicit in creating and carrying through with a “breakup” then "marriage" scenario really isn’t that far-fetched, considering their surroundings. So, who really knows—and who will ever really know—if they are acting along with their parents, or are being used as pawns in a fabricated relationship-meltdown plotline?

Impossible to say.

But, as Shannon tweeted: Stay tuned.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i think you are just a hater of Gene Simmions Family Jewels. Do you need someone to hear some of your problems or is it just that you love Jeresy Shores and Family Jewels rateings out did thiers.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
its to late and he messed up and she should leave

Submitted by Rochelle (not verified) on
I hope Gene and Shannon are not splitting up. It's always been amazing to me how tight their family is, how loving, how real. I am definitely a fan of Family Jewels. Of course the camera isn't on them 100% of the time but when it is, all I see is a caring family. On the other hand, I can see why Shannon would be fed up with all the women Gene seems to have to have around him. I was with someone like that. I was in the hospital having my gallbladder out and my house was full of women who were "helping" my ex clean my house for when I came home. I cried bullshit then, and cry bullshit on Gene needing this "image." For crying out loud he's 60 now, time to settle down and stop having such arrogance. That's bullshit too. I can see why she would be hurt when it just goes on and on with him. Marriage may not be the answer since this has been his behavior for so long. Counseling may not even help save this relationship. Then I, too, have to wonder if this is a ratings hype. Guess we all have to watch the new season to find out. I hope it's NOT true, in all sincereity, I hope they're still together. They seem to belong together.

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