Get Ready for Season Two of 'Farm Kings' with an All-Day Marathon on GAC

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The Farm Kings are back with a new season premiere, and fans are ready to find out what has been happening at Freedom Farms.

Reality shows abound nowadays, touching almost every conceivable topic. But, when Great American Country began airing Farm Kings, they probably never dreamed that they would have such a hit on their hands. Fans, however, love the King family, and so they are back again, beginning in April.

Freedom Farms, fans will recall, is the workplace—and sometimes battleground—for the King family. Joe, the oldest King brother, manages the farm and tries his best to manage his brothers: Tim, head of produce; Pete, also known as the “Human Harvester;” and Dan, who is striving to be a partner of the growing business. Mom Lisa is always there, working and making sure things get done, from their home to the farm to the bakery to providing the Pittsburgh area with their farm-fresh produce. Overall, the King family consists of 10 kids—nine boys and one girl. Of course, working with your family, no matter how much you love the work or the family, can be stressful, and so it is with the Kings. But, day after day, they all work together to keep everything running along, even if it doesn’t always run smoothly.

Fans who have missed a few episodes or who have not had the pleasure of getting to know the Farm Kings yet are in luck: An all-day marathon of Season One begins on April 11 at 11 a.m. The marathon leads up to the Season Two premiere, “State of the Farm,” at 9 p.m. According to GAC:

Winter’s halfway over so it’s time for the boys to strap in and start planning for the new farming season. After several months of idleness, Joe is anxious to get everyone back in the swing of things, but some of his more ambitious ideas are already driving his brothers up a wall. Hoping to build on the farm’s growing success, Joe will push his brothers to increase production in all facets of the farm, from added CSA participation to a full-scale wholesale business, but will the farm’s widespread and disconnected field space be able to sustain the added load? Meanwhile, Dan’s been anything but idle, finding employment outside of the family for the winter. When Bitty attempts to convince him to come back and help her out at the freshly-minted "Freedom Farms Café & Carry-Out" (formerly The Market at New Ken), Dan will have to weigh his options -- will the time away from the business bring him back with renewed enthusiasm for any kind of Freedom Farms work? Or has working for a boss who isn’t his brother soured his relationship with them even further?

Meet the King family via the following extended sneak peak:

Learn more about the King family—and about just what it takes to get your food from the ground to the table each season—on the new season of Farm Kings, beginning Thursday, April 11 at 9 p.m.

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Video: GAC, Farm Kings, YouTube

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