Gold Rush: Suggestions to Hoffmans for Season 3 success

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Well, it is winter in Alaska and the Yukon, Season 2 is over and, although the Hoffmans fell short of their 100-ounce goal, Todd has decided that they are going to get 1,000 ounces next season--here's a few ideas to help them on their next quest (possible spoilers ahead, by the way).

So, the mining season is over, and the Hoffmans, once again, fell short of their goal. In Season One, the group found about 14.5 ounces—well short of what they needed to cover their expenses, and certainly nowhere near enough to give anyone a payday. This season, now pushed up to the Klondike following Dakota Fred’s claim-jump, the Hoffmans did come close to hitting their 100-ounce mark, with 93 ounces. Expenses were covered, so they claim, but those expenses were so massive, the crew still walked away with only five ounces of gold each—according to Jack, about $8,000 per miner. Now, assuming Jack’s estimate is correct, and assuming it is pre-taxes, as well—those guys did an awful lot of work this season for five ounces of gold in the end.

Next season, Todd has declared he is going to find 1,000 ounces.

1,000 ounces?

Come on, you couldn’t even dig up 100 ounces, and now you’re going to get 1,000?

Well, if Todd wants to go for 1,000 ounces next season, so be it and good luck to him. But, if that’s the case, here are a few suggestions to help him get there:

  • Buy some decent equipment. I’m not sure how Todd is going to find the money it will take to get some mining equipment that is actually going to be reliable enough to mine 1,000 ounces of gold in the short Klondike mining season, but that worn-out junk they’ve been using isn’t going to get them there.
  • Get a reliable mechanic. You know, Harness seems like he’s a good guy overall, and he and Todd are obviously good friends. And, he does appear to know how to fix any problem that comes along. But, let’s face it: He cannot physically handle the job. And, he certainly was not that concerned about doing his job this season when he was parading his girlfriend around the claim. So, it’s just time for Harness to go, and to bring someone knowledgeable and physically capable onboard. (Note: Rumor has it that Harness actually does get the boot from the team for being in the gold tent alone—i.e. for being suspected of skimming off the gold when no one was looking. If true, one half of this suggestion has already been put into motion.)
  • Make lease payments this off season. As Season Two began, the Hoffmans had their claim on Porcupine Creek in Alaska pulled out from under them because Todd missed a lease payment and claim-jumper Dakota Fred swooped in and snatched up the glory hole. The Hoffman team thus landed on their Quartz Creek claim in Canada and, while it seems unlikely anyone else is going to be clamoring to steal it out from under them, if it is the claim from which Todd intends to pull this 1,000 ounces, he’d best learn from the past, keep up his end of the contract, and make those payments in the off season.
  • Make a real plan and stay with it. The claim on Quartz Creek doesn’t seem like it is swimming in gold, but, let’s face it, who would know? Consistency would go a long way in helping this crew of “miners” figure out just where the real pay-streaks might be, but Todd, the merry leader of the group, seems incapable of making decisions that are proactive, not reactive. He simply jumps from disaster to disaster, trying to put out fires that never end, and, what’s worse, he seems to like it that way. Make a real plan, have an idea of what has to be done to accomplish your goals, and work with that plan. Sure, be flexible, but being flexible doesn’t mean digging for awhile in one area, then deciding, for no apparent reason other than just deciding, to jump to another cut and start over again. It’s frustrating for the crew, and it isn’t productive in the long run. Make a plan.
  • Get a handle on Jack. In addition to Todd’s schizophrenic “management,” Jack just seems to bounce around wherever he feels like, listening to no one, doing whatever he wants, disregarding what minimal plan may actually be in place. In the off season, Jack—who has now apparently admitted that he has been addicted to morphine due to a back injury?—is said to be having back surgery to try and alleviate some of his pain and, possibly, end his addiction to morphine. Maybe that will actually serve to get him under control, so to speak, and have him on the same page with everyone else.
  • Clean up everyone's act. If there are any other lingering addiction issues on this crew, clean them up. Just clean them up.

These are just a few suggestions for Todd to mull over in the off season; feel free to add your own in the comment section. After all, as anyone who watches this show knows, Todd and his band of “miners” can use all of the good advice they can get. Will they actually use any of it? Well, that’s another bit of advice: Use good advice when you get it. But, whether they do or not—well, that is for another season to unveil.

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Who hits the mother lode?

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with most of the subjects you have touched base on. But as a business owner myself I relate to todds approach to crew management. He seems like he keeps his cool and in return gets a better response from his crew that way. But I on the other hand woulda had most of them kick rocks. Parker on the other hand is great stays the course, I would like to see dave tourin and parker work together. By season 3 they def. Need better equip. Dig a hole and dam the river for there intake basket get some better lights and work around the clock. Friends are nice but they don't pay the bills.

Dave and Parker--now THAT would be a team! And, like you said, some lights and keep that place rockin'--without working around the clock, as you suggest, I don't know how they could possibly get to 1,000 ounces.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Although they didnt get money from the mining, they do get paid by discovery channel. As the shows ratings continue to increase, so do their paychecks. Ive read that each person is getting roughly $25,000 an episode (increases as ratings go up), so this may be put into the funding of new equipment. Another thing is how Todd is communicating through Twitter. Some people tweet at him that they or a friend have seen Todd shopping around for some nice new machines, and he's been giving some good responses. He doesn't deny anything.. I think he has some big surprises for next season. One final note, Greg Remsberg has mentioned on Twitter that they have gotten some virgin ground up North, but Todd had also said that hes still paying for his current claim. My guess is that theyll clean up whatever they left at quartz with old equipment, and start fresh with the new equipment on the new mine.

Submitted by Alaskan (not verified) on
Dump BOTH the Hoffmans! They are both bad jokes.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
it wouldnt be the same without the hoffmans what you talking about goldrush is the hoffmans

Submitted by Rockhound (not verified) on
Uhhh yeah, just one problem - there would be *no drama.*

Submitted by Carla Buxton (not verified) on
You all are awesome, I wanted to let you all know, I have a husband that would make you all a great mechanic. He is 56 years old and can run any heavy equipment he is given and can fix it. He grew up around it with his father, he has a CDL, and is so smart when it comes to that equipment. I am not say James Harness wasn't but I could tell his heart was not in it. My husband, Jay's would be in it for you all. When we were watching the episode about the 380 dozer being down when the track came off, the first thing he said was you need to get a bar in there like the other mechanics ended up doing. He wouldn't leave you guys when equipment wss down. He would be a great asset to you guys and wouldn't let you down. If your goal is 500-1000 ounces you will get it. Sincerely, Carla M. Buxton 246 Rail Lane Clinton SC 29325 864 833 0693 P.S. We are native Vermonters so we/he knows about cold weather, snow, etc.... We moved to SC 11 yrs ago for a change, but Vermonters we will always be. Oh yeah, he can drive a shopping cart in the snow.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think you forgot how much Discovery Channel is paying them per episode. They have to find a little gold, enough for us to focus like you are on 5 oz per man. Meanwhile they're making mid six figures from the TV rights, and who knows how much in rerun revenues. 31 million viewers per episode on a Friday night is a monster rating and the demographics they're attracting are where the real gold is.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do you know how you saw big blue in the beginning build a machine like that and you'll get to 1,000 ounces!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The hoffmans have got to find a better area if they are going to get 1,000 ounces. Go to a place that has better gold and get a water license!


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