Gold Rush: Will South America make Todd's mining dreams reality in Season Three?

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Could Team Hoffman really be considering trading the Klondike for South America an upcoming Gold Rush special?

It’s been awhile since fans have heard anything on the whereabouts of Discovery’s Gold Rush team leader Todd Hoffman, but it appears he and the guys have not been snoozing while the Klondike was too frozen to mine.

After being forced out of the Klondike by the winter weather, Todd and his crew decided to head south—WAY south. As fans of the show will know, Todd is always working on the next big plan, and so when he got a “hot tip” on a claim in Guyana, South America, he could not turn down the chance to do some rainy-weather mining.

There is a full-fledged gold rush underway in Guyana, according to the Discovery Channel, producing “400,000 ounces of gold per year—legally. The true number could be as much as double that.”

Setting up camp in Guyana could put Todd’s dream of being a “real” gold miner into the realm of reality, as their four-month mining operation in Alaska could suddenly become a year-round endeavor in the South American jungle. But, is anything ever that cut-and-dried for Todd and the Gold Rush team?

Todd answered a flow of questions from fans on his Facebook page, including the following excerpt:

When the people find gold they call it a "shout". … What we saw and found was incredible and you guys can watch it Aug 17th. The question is it possible for us to mine there. I can’t say at this time. Malaria is a real thing though. Different set of problems but better gold than the Klondike. Plus another creature that lays in the gravels with the gold. Ladies love em. Lol

Hot Tip, Hot Trip?

For the special, Gold Rush: The Jungle, Todd takes a small group to scout out the area, to see if his “hot tip” could actually be the real thing. After making the 4,600 mile trip from Sandy, Oregon, to Guyana, trouble begins for Team Hoffman—a shady business deal, treks through snake-infested jungle, and struggles up a deadly river. Taking a “no guts, no glory” attitude, Team Hoffman makes the trip an adventure. But, will they be ready to make the decision to trade permafrost for torrential rain—or worse—by the time they leave?

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush: The Jungle will premiere Friday, August 17, on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATE: Todd Hoffman turning his 15 minutes into long-term reality gold?

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Submitted by Robinhood02 (not verified) on
I hope for the boys sake that Todd does not head to South America for upcoming seasons, some of the best gold showings i ever found was down there, but getting out healthy and alive with your gold is somewhat questionable, if it was just Todd and Jack then let him take his chances, but having the other boys follow is just not right, he would be endangering the lives of fellows that trust him ,, i know i know each man makes his own decisions and they know the risk, but really Todd is now more interested in ratings than the safety of his boys. Todd is mining the TV show, the boys are mining gold (or at least that is my impression) If he heads south i would hope the boys stay where the gold is good and the locals and the government are safe, There are plenty of guys up in the Klondike making a good living even with the short season. If it has to be, then let part of the show follow Todd and Jack and the other follow the boys in the Klondike !!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Minning is always a risk ! but indeed moving to the new ell dorado (GUYANA) is a smart thing probbally will be easier ground to work with dryland dredging and rossboxes gotta see this stuff for real .But also a big risk with a new set of rules locals fundementalist and natives even take some area s a poison dart to hand to make a point (tip trade with the locals hoffmans they stil use gold there as a main valuta )!!! The only consern i have is ive the concentrations of gold are just as packed as in the yukon it s softer ground so again the gold shall be lying deeper in the earth.!!!good luck gotta see this

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am pissed off that they go to south america kicking the indigenous people off their land and destroy they rain forest to satisfy the financial backer and Hoffmans greed. I here by boycott the show. What happened the mine inspectors last year make them follow rules and regulations and fine their asses So they run away to south america where they can get away with polluting the environment

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Ass ive your live s work by recesion goes to drain .You won t do the same to stay on your feet.! Do you have gold or rings etcetc diamands you like them also do you .The minning is there 400 000 Toz legit .The elegal minning operation in guyana is double that amount so te locals to stay ahead do a great job there selves don t hey!!!!.Complain to them also atleast it s taxed by guyana laws and putted in the nessecairy health and social needs.!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
todd was banned from mining in the states after season one due to many violations .... so he went to canada for season 2 and raped and pillaged that land ....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
todd was banned from mining in the states after season one due to many violations .... so he went to canada for season 2 and raped and pillaged that land ....

Submitted by Myke (not verified) on
So boycott it. You obviously never watched it. There are no indigenous ppl being kicked off their land. 1 less retard watching the show is ok by me.

Submitted by Larry (not verified) on
I hope they keep the show in the Klondike. If they go South,they will have to be armed at all times to protect themselves. They could be robbed and killed in their sleep. Are Americans or foreigners allowed to even carry weapons for protection? If they have to hire a security force of locals to protect the mine; how do you know the local guards won't eventally turn on the Hoffmann's and their crew and kill them for the gold. Bad idea moving the show south!!!


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