Gold Rush Fever taking over the Discovery Channel tonight

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Gold Rush and Jungle Gold make their premieres tonight, with the Hoffmans beginning the quest for the mother lode in Season Three, and the Jungle Gold team making their debut to fans on a night of gold rush fever on the Discovery Channel.

After weeks of teasing commercials, Gold Rush will finally be back with new episodes on the Discovery Channel tonight, along with the series premiere of Jungle Gold.

Todd Hoffman and gang have been working over the winter months to get together not one crew but two, in order to mine, he insists, 1,000 ounces this season. Will they be able to do it? Well, two seasons in, they have been unable to hit 100 ounces, so 1,000 ounces seems a bit lofty. But, this season is a little different: With investors backing the expedition, the Hoffmans have been able to afford proper equipment, and, hopefully, they will have hired a great crew to work the TWO mining sites they have leased. Very, if not most, importantly, let’s hope they have hired a seasoned, experienced mechanic who will be available and willing—not to mention physically able—to work as hard as is necessary to keep things rolling (although, with the new equipment, perhaps the role of the mechanic will be lessened this season). You know, none of this is meant as disrespect to previous mechanic, James Harness, but, let’s face it: He was not physically able to do the demanding job of being a mechanic on a gold mining site and, last season, he was pretty doggone slack about even attempting to get his job done. As Todd said at one point, regarding Harness's actions with his girlfriend on-site: They were working at a gold mine, not acting out a scene from Love Story.

This season, the crew will be split into two teams with two separate sites, one ran by Todd and one by Dave Turin. How will that go? It will be interesting, particularly if one site does significantly better than the other. How will egos be able to take it? Todd, after all, is already a bit put off, as both Chris and his long-time friend, Greg, chose to work with Dave. And, how will the gold be divided? Will the grand total between the two sites be divided equally between all of the crew members working on both sites, or will each site divvy up the take amongst themselves (both scenarios, of course, after the Hoffmans and the investors get their cut). Probably the former, but could be the latter—either has the potential to cause fireworks, depending on which side of the gold haul a team lands.

And, of course, the Discovery Channel is offering a chance for a viewer to “hit the mother lode” with their Gold Rush Strike Gold Sweepstakes. From Discovery Channel, just this morning:

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Also, come early and catch an all new Gold Rush special, Gold Rush: Do or Die at 7:30/6:30c.

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Don't Forget Porcupine Creek!

And, not to be forgotten, fans will have the chance to catch up not only with Dakota Fred Hurt on the Hoffman’s former “glory hole” site, but with 17-year-old Parker Schnabel, as well—did his over-the-winter mining preparations get him in a position to get the gold he and his grandfather are sure is hiding in their Smith Creek section this season?

After setting the pace with the Hoffmans and friends, fans with gold fever can keep watching, because the new Discovery show, Jungle Gold, will be premiering. In a release, Discovery Channel describes the new show as follows:

Determined gold miners from around the world seek their fortunes in the dangerous and gold-rich jungles of Ghana, Africa's second largest gold producing country. With little money and everything on the line, rookie American gold miners George Wright and Scott Lomu beg and borrow anything they can to succeed after losing it all in the 2008 U.S. real estate crash. After securing a $150,000 from an investor, the pressure is on from the very start to find gold to pay back this loan, as well as their other debts. Against stacked odds, their stakes have never been higher.

It’s a full night of gold fever on the Discovery Channel.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c; Jungle Gold follows at 10/9c. And, don’t forget, tonight's premiere night, Friday, October 26, begins with a Gold Rush special, Gold Rush: Do or Die at 7:30/6:30c. Additionally, fans can catch up with any episodes they may have missed or would just like to review with the all-day Gold Rush marathon.

Stay tuned.

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Do these people really have that much at stake? I assume they're paid to appear on the show, and I believe they also earn money by making personal appearances. So, is there really any kind of financial risk to failing as miners?

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